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Welcome to Llamma's PSP page. 

We are here to help when your want to repair your broken electronics..  We have been providing PSP as well as other game console replacement parts and accessories for some time in our online shop.  Never look to us as a place to find out how to install software modifications but do look to us for hardware repair, cosmetic modification and replacement support.  We look forward to providing some step by step how-to tutorials for PSP opening, customization, modification and repair.  We are also always on the look out for more tutorials to share so please email us if you have created/authored one that you would like to share.

06/11/07 Several new tutorials added

Complete PSP Disassembly
UMD Not Reading
Power Switch Replacement
PSP fuse repair.  Fixes for USB, Power and LCD Screen Backlight


01/30/07 The most commonly requested file, the llamma background.  We finally dug it off the PSP as the original had been lost due to a PC reformat. 


5/14/06 Updates to LED Modded PSP Tutorial

03/29/06 PSP UMD Door replacement and complete Sony PSP disassembly tutorial.

02/01/06 Had a moment to finish up the LED Modded PSP tutorial

1/26/06 Making Lighted Trigger Buttons for the PSP

1/25/06  We had a positive chi evening, two mods we had been stuck on are now working!  Sometimes things go right and sometimes things go wrong in modding. Last night two things got figured out so we are pretty pleased.  We have a PSP that has LED's that turn on and off based on the existing power indicator LED and also a 360 wireless controller with working blue LED's.  The PSP was a learning curve thing, how do you switch on and off some LED's without adding a mini switch?  I think "relay" but there is just no room for one in a PSP, we found that basically the solid state equivalent of a relay is a transistor. 

 In the words of Ali G, Boo-ya-kasha!  We finally got it working!  Now we have our lighted triggers, lighted D-pad and another light by the buttons for good measure!  All thanks to a little device called a transistor.  It took more than a bit of research and discovery, but now when the PSP green LED is on so are our 4 surface mount 0603 LED's.  This has been the most time consuming lighting mod we have performed so far.  Stick with us as we go through the steps and break it down step by step over the next few days!

11/30/05 Llamma is proud to announce the availability of the Asterix aftermarket face plates for the PSP.  These look cool and fit perfectly, what more could  you ask for!  Multiple colors? no problem! Just use our disassembly tutorial and replace the original face plate with one of these babies.  They are in stock at Llamma and shipping from the US daily via USPS and Fedex.


pspblue-small.jpg (41949 bytes)bluebuttons.jpg (75753 bytes)pspfaceplatewhite.jpg (73920 bytes)pspclear-small.jpg (39381 bytes)crystalbuttons.jpg (92347 bytes)

pspwhite-small.jpg (30061 bytes)black01s.jpg (36597 bytes)pspred-small.jpg (39438 bytes)redbuttons.jpg (79476 bytes)

These look cool and fit great. The clear plastic over the LCD can be replaced so if it becomes damaged or scratched it can be replaced without the need to purchase a whole face plate. We do not have the screen cover alone yet but will carry it as soon as it becomes available.

11/18/05 - PSP LCD screen repair tutorial.  We tear open a PSP to gain access to the screen and replace the LCD wafer within the screen. 

11/15/05 - Llamma's PSP Repair Service is now available.  You may be familiar with our quality parts and repair service for other consoles like Xbox and PS2.  Now we offer the same great service for your Sony PSP!

You can find the service here.

11/1505 - Looks like were on our way to having a working 2.5 firmware exploit (found on psp-news.dcemu.co.uk ).  Should be interesting to see how the cat and mouse game continues :)  For now I will stick with 1.5 because I am into homebrew and don't really get into PSP games.

Hopefully I will soon get more time to add content to our PSP page.  We are expecting some new and exciting products that will turn the coolness factor of the PSP up a notch or two.

10/13/05 (found on psp-news.dcemu.co.uk ) A new Sony 2.5 firmware has been released for the Japanese PSP.  2.5 firmware promises to offer wireless 80211b TV.  Yeah cool but what about hack ability of the 2.5?  Nothing for now but its being worked on.  Read more

10/12/05 Just to get some pics out here we grabbed a few shots of a PSP with some software customizations.

10/10/05 The PSP will probably be the reigning champion of handheld games for years to come.  Its pretty bangin with its LCD screen that looks like your are holding a plasma TV in your hands.  Wickedly fast graphics, granted the screen is small so it doesn't really have to do a huge resolution but its amazing I feel like I'm holding a portable Xbox (sorry PS2 fans saying Xbox is a greater compliment, drive space media player etc).  Wide index makes it a relatively enjoyable movie watching experience.  Shortly after it came out there was an exploit to surf the net via a hole in a game I checked it out, link it up to my wireless router and surfed the web a bit, it was quite slow but I could visit Llamma.com and basically read the page.  Modability looked promising.  Soon after the homebrew scene picked up on the little menu item that said launch game from memory card.  Whatayaknow you can run other stuff from it, I downloaded a solitare game someone had already ported to PSP, I loaded it on the PSP and rock and roll it works.  It was just a PC game ported to PSP but this implied many other options.  So I was in line at Amazon getting a good deal on a one GB memory stick waited my 6 weeks or whatever it was and had a shiny new jewel of a .  Today we find that much of the security has been circumvented imagine all your favorite classic console emulators conveniently supported in a mobile package.  I have seen working PSP emulators for GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, NES, SuperNintendo, Sega, and even a MAME version is in the works.  Very exciting progress, the Sega emulator was pretty choppy but the Super Nintendo one worked smoothly.  With time software enhancements are expected to improve performance of the emulators themselves.  One of the "hardware mods" that is possible is to "true clock" the processor, the PSP ships with its 333 processor running at a battery saving lower speed.  This means performance can reliably be increased with only the worry of reduced battery life.  Even original games can be run from the memory card flawlessly.

Currently all software mods are dependant on the firmware of the PSP.  The 1.0 firmware which was only distributed in the Japanese release of the PSP was the first to be modable.  Soon mods were available for the first major US release which was 1.5 firmware.  Today PSP's are typically shipping with 2.1 firmware, there are firmware roll back tools to go from 2.0to1.5 and to go from 1.5to1.0 firmware.  It seems that the cat and mouse game with the PSP will be firmware image replacements.  We can expect developers to keep cracking the next new firmware as they come out so the older versions will always be more desireable since they "just work".

The circumvention of security efforts is the foremost component to any homebrew software effort, the thing has to believe it is supposed to be running the code.  If you've got a proper version firmware and just a memory card with the proper files on it in the proper places you are up and running.  No modchip is needed the software just runs.  The application of this circumvention is via a patch to the files some crazy virtual memory card thing.  The interesting thing is the way the fix has manifested itself, unlike previous systems of security circumvention the manufacturers code is not removed altered and reinserted, only the software that is loaded on the system is patched and appears to be "valid" code.  Is this a shrewd scheme by Sony to sell memory cards while increase the popularity of the system...  Isn't the most modable system the most popular system?  Will this be the downfall of the PSP?  (Unlikely) Time will tell...


- The Llamma





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