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"Stubborn UMD Door. "  By, Rhino

Installing a new UMD Door is not as easy as it sounds. Here we are going to go over a couple ways how you can properly replace your UMD door cover.  Unfortunately we can not install the UMD door without opening the system since there are 2 screws holding the UMD door in place.  Just for a reminder. That LLAMMA.com OR ANY ONE ELSE is not responsible for what you do to your PSP. You also should note that opening your unit will void any type of warranty you might have left.

Parts List:

  1. You will need a small tip Phillips screwdriver.  #000

  2. small tip flat head screwdriver.  #1,0

  3. Your PSP.

  4. A UMD door.

Step 1 Opening your PSP Unit   For a complete detailed instruction on opening your PSP, click here.

 Step 2 Remove Button Bar

  Insert your small screwdriver tip under the lip of the left side of the button bar and slide upwards until the bar is disconnected from the metal LCD housing..

 Then carefully unplug the button bars flex cable. By lifting the tab upwards and sliding the cable out.

OR. You can keep the button bars connected with the cable if your are careful to keep from tearing the fragile flex cable

Step 3 LCD removal.

  Now here is the trickier part of this little circus that you have to go through just to put in your UMD door.
You must take out the LCD or carefully prop it up. I recommend taking the lcd out to keep it from scratching or breaking.  However, the flex cable connectors are quite week and require extra care.
 011706 044.jpg (386243 bytes) On the left side of the LCD screen there is a metal housing that is holding the LCD in place. You need to unhook the left side of the LCD from this housing by sliding a small flat screwdriver in between the LCD housing and the LCD mounting bracket.
  Slowly pull the other side out  and then tilt the LCD  at a 90◦ bend so you have access to the flex cable connectors.

f you are installing a new door and do not need to remove your old door you can either remove LCD and store in safe place or unscrew the 2 screws and carefully work around the LCD.  If you are removing the UMD door you must remove the LCD. 

Step 4 remove the screws. here is the simple part.

  Remove the two screws.

If you DO NOT need to remove your old UMD door because it has been broken off???. skip ahead to installing.

Step 5 Removing the LCD Brace.

  Start by removing the selected screws. *Note the pink stars unscrew from behind the battery.
 lcd-brace-rem.jpg (29174 bytes) Gently pry the brace outwards between the Dpad and the housing using your flathead driver.
 latch.jpg (99661 bytes) Now that the tabs are free from the Dpad, You can press the latch to open the UMD door. This allows the UMD Latch to move through the hole on the backside of the case
free.jpg (34757 bytes) Wiggle that guy free.
door-hinge.jpg (59141 bytes) Again take your flathead screwdriver and GENTLY pry the hinge to the side and out. EXCESSIVE FORCE WILL BREAK THE HINGE.
door-fall.jpg (30760 bytes) More wiggle time...
removed.jpg (51421 bytes) "Success, Yes"

 Step 6. Seat your UMD door Properly.

 door-fall.jpg (30760 bytes) Start by sliding the Left corner in first ( looking from the back).
 spring.jpg (11671 bytes)

Make sure that your UMD Metal housing is properly connected to the inner UMD door.  Also make sure the spring is in its slide grove.

 latch.jpg (99661 bytes)

Press the other clip (right side) in and test to make sure your UMD door is opening correctly.


 Finish up by screwing in the screws and reassembling the PSP Unit. (reverse order)

finnal.jpg (95790 bytes) OH SO PURDY.


Psst... Your not supposed to have extra parts.  But I wont tell any one.

PSP Parts Available From  The Llamma
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