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The Llamma's adventures in X-Box

7/10/09  Remember that time you asked me if we would ever be getting XCM Xbox cases in stock again?  I said no definitely not, XCM quit making them!  Well once I thought I was wrong but I was mistaken.  We got some!!! Seriously!  But these are the last of them, we bought up all our supplier had of back stock and they are really really out of them now.  We used to offer these at $50 each, yes these are the good ones that are a complete case, not only the faceplate and lid but also the bottom of the case too!  How does half price sound!

So give the ol' xbox one a make over with one of these hot definitely limited cases!

Xbox XCM Case - Color Silver Xbox XCM Crystal Case - Color Crystal Red

4/18/08 Xbox Samsung DVD drives are back in stock!  This may be your last opportunity to get a like new drive for the classic Xbox console.  These are not tired used-up/fixed-up drives these are factory ready to serve you for years to come.  As always the Samsung drive is the drive to have and it is compatible with all versions of Xbox 1 console, no software stuff or soldering just plug and play!

03/29/07  It has been too long since our last update on the news page here at Llamma.  We have added a lot of new items to the shopping cart since. 

   Xtender XCM 360 Smoke Black and Ruby Red now in stock!
  Team Xtenders latest additions to the XCM 360 product line have finally arrived at Llamma.  We have been eagerly awaiting the Ruby Red and Smoke black to round out the color pallete.  The red is a very sexy shade of a blood red and the black is dark glossy mysterious almost sleeper black.  In middle to low light situations the smoke appears to be a solid gloss black.  Add some lighting effects inside and watch it come alive.  If you dont want the matte look of the Black Knight then the Smoke is the choice for you.  Click here for more info. 

  New XCM Xbox 360 Wireless lighted controller cases are now available.

Smooth Black, Sexy Red and Crystal Apple Green are welcome now additions to the XCM Xbox 360 Wireless controller shell lineup.  The Smooth Black and Sexy Red sport a rubberized finish thats hard to let go of.  The crystal apple green is well; crystal and apple green like a apple Jolly Rancher.  With Lighted ABXY, back and start, guide button AND RB and LB buttons its sure to light up your life  Convenient switch allows you to disable the lights if you like.  The XCM lighted controller shells require a quite easy 3 solder point installation.  Llamma offers pre-modded controllers and controller shell installation for those who are not comfortable with soldering or just want to Get 'er Done!  Check out the installation service here or pre-modded controllers here.

  XCM High Speed Air Cooler Add-on fan
  Add some extra airflow to your High Speed Air cooler kit with this plug and play add-on fan.  Features blue LED's to add a little more glow.

Available here.

Talismoon DVD Linker replacement Xbox 360 DVD Power and SATA cables
Do you have a damaged, lost or stolen DVD power and sata cable?  The Talismoon DVD linker aftermarket replacement cables are just like the OEM cable and inexpensive too.

Available here.

08/16/06 Updates to Duo X3 Installation.

07/25/06  Llamma's Summer Sale going in full force $59 Samsung drives for original Xbox as well as many PSP and 360 accessories

06/13/06 Free download of beta hard drive unlocking tool. http://hddunlock.com/ We haven't tried it out yet at Llamma but this may be a great way to revive some of those large locked hard drives we have laying around the shop.  Thanks to Magnus for the info!

05/24/06 Updated Spanish Translation of Seagate Unlocking Process added to Original Xbox Hard Drive Unlocking Page Updates by War6763

05/09/06 UNICRON put together a great how-to on reading your XBOX's EEPROM to get the HDD key WITHOUT removing the chip Or Modding the XBOX

A quick why you might want to do this: Suppose you suddenly get a Call Customer Service Error 7 and need to replace your broken hard drive and don't want to install a modchip.  Cleverly you remember you have an xbox that a buddy gave you that he messed up installing a modchip now it just flashes red and green (motherboard error) that one should have a good hdd.  Use this tutorial to unlock the drive from the one that flashes red and green, then find the key from working motherboard lock the drive using that key and install... what do you know two dead boxes become one working one.  Why drives need to be locked  Discuss in Forums

04/30/06 As promised we are now offering a Perfect Cuts service for your lid or one you get from us or the ready made Xhibitor kit for Xbox that includes lid cuts and all lighting needs for an easy to assemble totally custom system. We can also do your lid or an XCM lid as well.

Installation Instructions for Xhibitor
Shopping Cart Item for Xhibitor
Shopping Cart Item for Perfect Cuts Service

04/03/06 Mad Modder Jewels now available at Llamma, we have always been impressed with the deep engraved look of the Mad Modder jewels and are pleased to add them to the lineup. 


These and other designs available in our shopping cart

To go along with this we will be offering a new set of services for those interested in pre-cut lids.  We have perfected a process to achieve professional crisp lines and can include one or more windows from just a jewel window, up to an all out 5 widow lid.

031606 024.jpg (21538 bytes)   

These 3/8 inch thick jewels fit nicely into a lid when cut with a 2 1/4 hole saw, this leaves enough of a lip for the jewel to rest in.   These can be lit with LEDs or a cold cathode for a dramatic effect.
031606 014.jpg (32214 bytes) Its a good practice to back the jewel with black the contrast brings up the detail of the jewel.  A disc of Xbox lid plastic is a superior item to use for backing, the matching plastic texture gives a professional finished look. 

02/22/06 Solution for unlocking western digital WD80EB 8GB Xbox drives.  The process wipes the drive but it becomes usable again.  I have received many reports of this working in the past but have never gotten it to work myself.  I know I have never been patient enough to let it sit for 30 minutes and I think that is my downfall...  See the WD80EB unlocking instructions.  (Now confirmed working at Llamma (we find that erasing takes about 6 minutes to complete))

02/07/06 Seagate unlocking programmer built and confirmed working at Llamma.com

02/06/06 Xbox S-Type Controller button lighting tutorial submitted by rondcrasher

12/28/05 How to unlock a slim Seagate Xbox hard drive when you do not know the password.  Make a little serial device to Hyper Terminal to your newer slim style Xbox Seagate drive and unlock it!  Now if someone can provide an option for the Western Digitals we will have the full set!

11/09/05 With all the work we have recently been doing on the 360 controller we thought we would personalize a good old s-type.  We hardwired the controller for inverted and add some LED's.  This one is a clear limited edition case with 4, white 10K mcd LED's for the ABXY and a 8000mcd blue for the center.

110905 066.jpg (37756 bytes) 110905 057.jpg (24535 bytes)

10/22/05 Llamma's New Xbox 360 Page with an article about the Xbox 360 controller

10/17/05 Updates to Determine Xbox Version

10/12/05 Update to Readers Rides section

10/11/05 Xbox Hard Drive Unlocking contest won!

10/10/05 Launch of Llamma's new PSP Page

09/18/08  12V Xbox Power Supply, now compatible with all Xbox versions 1.0-1.6!  We have now cracked the 1.6 Xbox power requirements and added the 1.0 power supply as an available option.

09/14/05 Made a few updates to Xbox Motherboard Repair

09/12/05  With the server migration complete I have had some time to work on the message boards and they are again available!  http://forums.llamma.com All moderators please feel free to contact me to get your rights updated.  We are starting from scratch with the boards and look forward to everyone's input!

08/05/05 12:01 AM Next post New server!

08/05/05 12:00 AM Rock and roll here we go again on the server upgrade roller coaster. Expect Llamma.com to remain available throughout the upgrade and secure.llamma.com to be down for as long as it takes for your ISP to update their DNS entries.  This usually ranges from minutes to hours and even the slowest should be updated within 48 hours.  This will be the last entry on the old server.  You'll know we are switched when you see the next post.

07/30/05 11:00PM Server has been returned to original state and access to shopping cart has been restored.  Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in the migration, and will be seeing some more downtime in the next few days.

07/29/05 12:00 AM Scheduled downtime for server maintenance begins.  Shopping cart will be down while a DNS change propagates to your ISP.  This page will remain available throughout the upgrade process.  Once you see this page with a completed entry you will know that the DNS change has reached you and the shopping cart will be available.  Sorry for any inconvenience!

07/29/05 Pearl White XCM Xbox Case now available.

07/28/05 Painting tutorial by The_ Wulff

07/19/05 Clear Red XCM replacement Xbox Case now available!

07/18/05 The Mini 12V Xbox

07/09/05 We have been working on a couple 12V car Xbox solutions.  The first step is to remove the AC to DC original power supply and replace it with a DC to DC power supply that has been converted to work on an Xbox.   How? Why? these and many other questions answered in our 12V Mini Xbox article

6/24/05 Xbox Cold Cathode Lighting installation

06/24/05 Quite a few new products added today

Smart Box II connect a keyboard and mouse to your Xbox, all keys can be mapped
Component to VGA adapter High Resolution!
Xbox to VGA adapter value priced!
PS2 to Xbox Controller adapter Use a PS2 controller on an Xbox
3 in 1 Converter PSX &PS2 to XBOX/PC USB & GC
XBOX AV+S+Optical AV Pack  Value priced with OPTICAL sound and RCA sound

06/23/05 Updates to review page, XCM case review

06/23/05 Updates to custom lighted Xboxes

06/17/05 XCM Case now available at Llamma!  They're pretty sweet, top and bottom are included as well as a clear XCM jewel (removable) and a matching XCM DVD face plate.  They are not as crystal clear as a Microsoft Original clear cases but well worth the investment.  The case appears to be nearly identical to an original case, the tin shielding from your old black one can be placed in the XCM to give it a nice original look.  We are pretty excited about these and look forward to providing them if the community appreciates them as much as we do.  Our initial purchase with Teamxtender was of a relatively small quantity of cases so we expect to sell out soon.  We will continue to stock these in greater numbers if there is interest in them.

06/16/05 How to install an 80mm Xbox fan mod.

05/24/05 We will be experiencing some down time this week for server maintenance.  We will be making a move to a new server and will be off line for a couple hours. 

05/19/05 How to smoke a voltage regulator every time on a 1.6 Xbox mother board.  Plug your AC power cord into your power supply then plug the power supply into your motherboard.  Once you do that you may be interested in checking out this fix it tutorial.

05/05/05 Initiation of Readers Rides section.  Show us your mods!  Our First Submission "The Strayer"!

4/27/05  PSP Repair Parts are now available.  We had a warranty voiding party here at Llamma and busted into a nice new PSP to take it apart and break it down into its smallest components.  We took many photos and will have a PSP disassembly/re-assembly tutorial soon.

Custom Made Clear Xbox Jewels are now available!

Message boards are down until further notice.  Whoever hacked the board deleted all posts and my backup is corrupt...  looks like we are starting over.  Before I put the time into getting them back I would like to find a more secure message board system so we can do it right.  Sorry for this inconvenience.

3/30/05  We are pleased to announce that LLAMMA IS NOW STOCKING XECUTER PRODUCTS!    We have always been pleased with Xecuter chips and recommended their quality products.  There is always great documentation and support from Team Xecuter.  We are proud to say that in addition to being their official repair center we will now also be carrying their full line of products!  Stay tuned we will be pimping out some boxes with the X3, the LCD uber control panel and some Llamma original lighting...

3/26/05  Message boards have again been hacked...  Can someone explain to me the glory in this?   This time all posts appear to have been deleted.  I really do need a weekend off so I plan to rest tomorrow and work on it Monday.  We will probably loose all posts since the last backup, and I think that will be from December.  For now I have disabled the forums, sorry for the inconvenience.

3/5/05 An in-depth look at the Thomson laser pickup by Reinhardt This article discusses the various design features of the optical pickup used in the Thomson TGM-600 DVD-ROM drive, OEMed specifically for use in the Microsoft X-Box.

02/28/05 Xbox Power Cord Fire Hazard Recall - A few Llamma comments...  We thought it strange to recall power cords.  I mean if it breaks on an Xbox we've seen it and the only broken power cords we have seen were physically damaged...  So strange, why recall 14 Million cords when the real issue is the power supply?? Read full article to hear our thoughts 

02/17/05 Custom Lighted Xbox Controller Ports and Power/Eject buttons.

12/29/04  The Llamma team found a new drive shipping in Xbox consoles.  Hitachi model GDR-8050L  Is it good? is it bad?, we do not yet know.  It appears to be a high quality drive like the Phillips or Samsung drives.  Full steel case etc.  This drive was manufactured October 2004 by H-L Data Storage a division of Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc. and is a product of China  The Console it came from was manufactured November 23, 2004 the console's serial is 113961744806 the drives serial is 410hb240832... More to come!  (Looks like Xbox-scene.com already has some info up on these here)

12/27/04 Updates to custom lighted consoles

12/21/04 All Xbox DVD drives are back in stock!!! 

12/21/04 Coming soon 5 connector ATA166 yellow Xbox IDE cable, these have been custom made for the Llamma to be direct replacements for the Xtender case or to use on your own for a home made 3 hard drive configuration!  These have been custom made to my same high quality specs as the ATA166 3 connector.  If you have problems with your Xtender drives dropping data due to their cheap ATA33 cable this may be the answer to your problems!  Expected to ship 12/30/04 taking pre-orders now!

12/16/04 Forums are Back!  Thanks entirely to the support team at phpBB, I can't say enough.  One representative spent several hours with me in chat and worked through the issue until it was resolved.  This is better support than I have EVER received from support staff on products I have paid for! 

As I see it this is what the internet is all about, people helping people.  That's what we are about here at Llamma and we can see we are by no means the only ones.  From the great support guys at phpBB, to those active in our forums providing one on one Xbox support, or those that develop the open source solutions that make our site possible, and never forget those that provide tutorials for me to post on the site.  The possibilities are limitless when the world works together!  I guess it takes something negative like forum hijacking for me to realize all the positives.

12/16/04 Forums are temporarily down due to a someone taking advantage of an exploit in PHPbb.  Check the Latest News section on http://www.phpbb.com/ for more info.  They were using your forums to redirect traffic from forums index.php to their site.  Beyond this they made all the text in the forums black as well as the background so the forums were unreadable.  Rather than continue to give them the traffic they are looking for I took down the forums and will not mention their URL. 

Lets try to turn this into something positive!

CHECK YOUR FAVORITES for message boards running any version of PHPbb less than 2.00.11 if the administrator has not upgraded to the latest version, that board is also venerable and I'm sure they would appreciate a reminder.

I will be working to bring back the forums using the new version.  Right now it appears all the posts and usernames are still intact.

11/21/04 Cnet.com Article on recent Xbox Live Bans related to Halo2 

11/17/04 A single Kasumi Chan clear blue original Xbox console made its way into the Llamma's hands

11/15/04 Custom Lighted Xbox Consoles Updated

11/08/04 The Llama Song!!! On Garysworld.org    (Thanks DJ MarT)

11/02/04 EEPROM fix for Xbox motherboard repair

10/28/04 Coma Console fix found!  This is when your console has a steady green LED light but no video or sound. (Thanks Tizz78)

10/17/04 What is the best Xbox modchip?  I get this question quite often and I certainly do have an opinion on the subject so I have spent some time writing up a response.

10/15/04 Clear Case lighted mods

10/15/04 Quasicon arcade style control deck by Quasimoto

10/8/04  Coming Soon (10/18/04)!Available NOW! Clear Xbox Case Lids and face.   In four transparent versions Crystal Clear, Clear Blue, Clear Yellow, Clear Orange

All versions include; clear bezel, clear power buttons, and a clear window for Thomson drive! 

Provides a unique place to display some Xbox lighting mods!

10/07/04 Custom Manufactured ATA166 cables are now available!  I finally found a manufacturer that will make them to the proper specs!  These are perfect replicas of the original cable but with upgraded yellow ATA 166, 80 conductor ribbon!  Decreases load time from DVD or hard drive!

9/29/04 Radica/Gamester FPS Master Controller review by Keith Wong

9/25/04 1.6 suddenly will not power on after mod attempt.

9/24/04 Interesting photo gallery with some informative pics http://hsdemonz.xbox-scene.com/technical.htm

9/10/04 Xbox 2 petition.  As many of you know the coming "Xbox Next" (AKA Xbox 2) is not planned to be backwards compatible meaning it will not play original Xbox games.  An independent petition has been started to let Microsoft know that when the new one comes out we only want to have one console under our TV's not two!  As of writing this article there were nearly 25,000 signatures.  If you haven't already think about signing the petition

8/12/04 Updates to Manually opening an Xbox DVD Drive

8/12/04 Xbox Hardware Refresh Disc Available

8/12/04 Original CheapMod's work on 1.6 consoles!

8/11/04 Making the South Paw S-Type.  How to Swap the function of the left and right thumb sticks on an Original Microsoft S-Type Controller. (Lefties rejoice)


7/24/04 Transfer Game saves from one console to another Bet my Xbox Memory Card is bigger than yours

7/20/04 Xenium Chip Now Available

7/14/04 1.6 install photos

7/12/04 Xecuter 2.3b Lite Plus designed to wrong specs?!?!

7/12/04 1.2-1.5 and V1.6 power supply are incompatible

5/26/04 Fixing Call Customer Service Error 6 without a ModChip


4/11/04 Phillips laser installation


3/31/04 Microsoft canceled my auction for the XDK! 

3/29/04 Thomson Laser Installation

3/28/04 XDK up for bid on eBay

3/28/04 Updates to XDK article with more photos

3/17/04 Added Xbox Jewel LED mod tutorial thanks to Ben999_

2/27/04 Interesting tidbit, Microsoft enters into an agreement with M-Systems to develop removable flash memory units.  TechTV thinks this may mean a coming Xbox without a normal hard drive.

2/24/04 Lets see, we've been making updates during February 

  • Updates to repair page for diagnosis by problem type
  • Updates to Mod Page for icons to go with description in hopes of making navigation easier.
  • Added page for original Xbox Developer Kit (XDK)
  • Added American Express as an accepted form of payment in the shopping cart, we now accept Check/Money Order, PayPal, AMEX, Discover, Visa and MasterCard.
  • Also working on integration of a Content Management System (CMS) like PHPnuke or Mambo, this will tie the site into a consistent view for the forums and repair site info (possibly shopping cart as well), allow surveys and make publishing easier.  Don't hold your breath... but working on it so it will be coming sometime.  

1/31/04 Our migration from the old PayPal only shopping cart to our new OSCommerce Shopping cart system is now complete.  

We can now offer USPS shipping for all items which has been a long awaited feature for our International customers (And US customers ordering lightweight items for that matter). 

Also we are proud to be able to offer same day shipping!  This has been a tough task to accomplish but the shipping Llamma did it.  Greater than 95% of orders submitted prior to Noon Central time will go out the day they were submitted (Monday-Friday) 

1/19/04 Samsung DVD Complete Disassembly

1/18/04 Phillips DVD Complete Disassembly

1/14/04 Phillips DVD laser replacement (PDF document) (Thanks Jason)

1/11/04 Just announced at CES Full articles at HardOCP and IGN

Console News, one of our readers pointed us toward a new take on the game console, The "Apex Extreme". (Thanks QB!) 
This is a new take on the console, a living room Game Console/PC

  • Capable of playing standard PC games 
  • Embedded XP operating system (does that imply solid state?)
  • VIA C3 1.4GHz processor
  • 256MB system RAM 
  • 200Mhz video processor with its own 64Mb RAM 
  • 20GB hard drive, 
  • DVD-ROM drive, 
  • Component and composite TV connections, DVI connector, 
  • Six USB 2.0 inputs (four in front, two in the rear), 
  • 6-channel surround sound
  • Modem port 
  • 10/100 Ethernet connector

Is this the convergence box we have all been waiting for?  Can I replace my Tivo, consoles etc? Guess we will have to wait for the official press release to find out more   

1/11/04 With a few bumps along the way the shopping cart is available but we had to remove USPS shipping as an option due to some issues with the postal service processing options, pickups etc.  We will make the option available again as soon as possible.  This is most important to International Orders since UPS shipping starts at $50+ (and it is the only option now available in the new shopping cart) it may be better for our international customers to check out our old shipping page, you will have to add shipping costs manually here

1/3/04 The new Shopping Cart is available for use check it out here! Xbox Parts and Accessories Lets start things off right with a sale item!  Our most popular item besides major components the Xbox controller extension cable already the lowest price I've seen on the internet at $2.99, on sale for the first two weeks of our new cart for $1.99!  (sale ends Jan 17)

1/1/04 Happy New Year!  We have been hurting for bandwidth for some time The site has now been moved to a real hosting site and off my DSL line.  Fast page loads for all in the coming year!  I might even get to play an online game or two without lag!

12/29/03 Updated Pre-modded Samsung installation procedure

12/20/03 First of all I would like to say a big thank you to everyone supporting this site!  To serve the community better we have stepped up to putting in the time and effort to get the features we get so many requests for.  Coming January 1st the Llamma will have a shopping cart based on OSCommerce and be able to offer the enhancements 

  • Opt to pay using Master Card, Visa or Discover within the cart without signing up for PayPal.  
  • We will also continue to support PayPal within the new shopping cart.
  • Pick your shipping speed and carrier.
  • Accurate initial shipping quotes for international buyers.  
  • Order Status from your shopping cart account.
  • SSL 128bit encryption
  • And much more!

12/20/03 We will be out of town and shipping suspended from Wed. 12-24 – 12-28, resuming on Monday the 29th.  You should expect orders placed anytime after Sunday the 21st to take up to an additional week to arrive.  In part because we expect delays with UPS/USPS that week as well as the time it will take to work through any backlog of orders.

12/4/03 Llamma rants about eBay repair guides

11/23/03 Random lockups and heat issues
                Xbox on ATA100 Cable Benchmark
                GameFly Review

11/22/03 4 Connector IDE cable installation to support multiple hard drive mod

11/21/03 New items available: heatsink for Nvidia chip and Akira 1MB modchip.

11/11/03 Okay, I'm gonna get a little political here, I'm a smoker.  I started when I was young and stupid and the habit is with me today.  It was a dumb mistake years ago and I am still paying for it.  My site reaches many people and I hope some will follow the link below to send a letter asking the president to protect our children not big tobacco.
  Every day, 1,000 kids will get hooked by smoking Altria’s Marlboro cigarettes Philip Morris has changed its name to try to hide from its past. New Name. Same Deadly Tobacco Products. Altria = Philip Morris Take Action. Send a FREE letter

11/9/03 Determine the version of your Xbox DVD drive without opening the console

11/8/03  Connect your Xbox Controller and Memory Card to your PC via an adapter and share game saves with friends via the internet.  Play PC games with your Xbox controller.  Upload Game Progress Saves to get past any points in games where you are stuck.  

11/01/03 A few more tutorials and an updated one
Connect Your Xbox to a PC monitor
Convert 1.0/1.1 power supply to work on 1.2-1.5
Check your Xbox Version 

10/19 Llamma been busy!  Forums available!! HERE

10/18 Now available Pre Modified Xboxes with warranty

Interesting article about what the serial number means on the xbox and bits about the manufacture process of Xboxes http://xbox-linux.sourceforge.net/docs/manufacturing.html

Help the cause and add the stats of your Xbox to the database.

10/5 New tutorial Xbox Controller LED mod 

Coming soon due to popular demand Pre-modified Xbox Consoles.

9/22 The Llamma made a couple pages that actually look like shopping cart pages.  Now on to re-doing the rest of them!
Cables and Adapters

9/17/03 What is this I hear about Xboxes doing things the owners are not aware of?  Big brother Bill, leave my system alone please!


I get many questions asking "Should I try to clean my DVD drive or should I send it in to Microsoft"  That's a call you have to make on your own.  I would like to tell everyone give cleaning it a try but I think about 70% of the time it will fix the problem so out of every ten there are at least 3 that try it and it does not fix the drive.  So if your drive is dead in the water and you are thinking about sending it to Microsoft, do it.  I have never heard of anyone sending in an unopened Xbox and not getting back a working console so their $100 option is a sure bet.  But really! how am I supposed to know if cleaning your drive will fix it or if you need a new one.  Most of the time cleaning does fix the problem sometimes it does not so...  do you feel lucky?

8/30/03 Updated Xbox DVD cleaning procedure, this may be what it takes to bring back a larger percentage of the drives out there. 

7/29/03 The Llamma has been busy creating some more tutorials

Thompson Tray Alignment Procedure Useful for mechanical DVD problems
DVD POT Adjustment A last ditch effort to breathe life into your DVD drive
DVD Repair A consolidated list of repair steps for Thompson DVD drives
Connect your Xbox Controller to your PC
 Cheap hack to get your Xbox controller to work on your PC


Refurbished guaranteed PS2's available from the Llamma

Llamma gets a banner add just like he always wanted!!

If you would like to post this on a page of yours here is the html
<EMBED src="http://www.llamma.com/banner.swf" WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60">

Editorial comments:

I find plenty of sites geared toward modding and illegally copying games.  I have found none with a comprehensive repair informational database.   My site is an attempt to make all of this information easier to digest.  There are links to popular technical information sites on the links page.  

It turns out there are a lot of possibilities for this little game box.  You can play your favorite games as well as install Linux and personalize it as you see fit.  This site is dedicated to two main topics, Linux on the X-Box, Repair and Servicing the X-Box. Click on one of the links in the left hand navigation bar to enter the site.

I am willing and able to share my experiences and am always looking for feedback on content and ideas.  Please feel free to drop me a mail with anything you would like to see.  Or if you need a place to post some tutorials let me know I have the room.


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Disc Resurfacing Machine Review

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