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XBCD - XBox Controller Driver for Windows 2000/XP



All buttons are supported. There are two versions of the driver; one supports 10 buttons (1 through 10) as digital and the two trigger buttons (11 and 12) as analog, and the other version configures all buttons as digital to overcome the fact that most PC games do not yet support analog buttons.

Directional control can be switched between the Left Analog Stick and the Digital Pad by pressing both Analog Sticks simultaneously.

Right Analog Stick is used for X and Y rotation.


Digital and Analog Buttons Version - XBCD_original.zip

All Digital Buttons Version - XBCD_digital.zip


1. Connect the gamepad to a USB port and wait for Windows to prompt for driver installation. Select "Install from a list or specific location" and click Next.

2. Select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install." and click Next.

3. Click on "Have Disk..."

4. Select the folder where "xbcd.inf" and "xbcd.sys" are. Click OK.

5. From the list, choose "XBCD XBox Gamepad" and click Next.

6. Windows will warn you that this driver is not WHQL approved. Click "Continue Anyway."

7. Click "Finish" when the installation is completed.

8. Another installation prompt will come up for "HID-compliant game controller." Select "Install the software automatically" and click Next.

9. Click "Finish" when this installation is done.

10. To verify the installation, go to the "Control Panel" and open "Game Controllers."

11. Click on "Properties" in "Game Controllers" to calibrate the XBox Gamepad.


If Windows says that it couldn't find a driver for the device, then head over to the Drivers/Patches section at USB Man and download USB View.

Run usbview.exe and look for something like this. The XBox gamepad will come up as a Generic USB Hub with 3 ports. The gamepad is connected to the first port and the memory card slots are connected to the other two ports.

Click on port 1 of the Generic USB Hub and notice the values idVendor and idProduct on the right side panel.

Open "xbcd.inf" with Notepad and look for the following entries.

"XBCD XBox Gamepad"=Install, USB\VID_0738&PID_4516
"XBCD XBox Gamepad"=Install, USB\VID_0738&PID_4526
"XBCD XBox Gamepad"=Install, USB\VID_0738&PID_4536
"XBCD XBox Gamepad"=Install, USB\VID_045E&PID_0285
"XBCD XBox Gamepad"=Install, USB\VID_045E&PID_0202

These entries belong to different gamepads from different manufacturers. As you might have noticed, VID_xxxx contains the value from idVendor in USB View and PID_xxxx contains the value from idProduct. For your gamepad to be recognized during the driver installation, just make a new entry in "xbcd.inf" with the idVendor and idProduct of your gamepad, save the file, and try installing the driver again.



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