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Aladdin XT Installation

We begin with the LPC 12 pin header is included, a 16 pin header can also be used.  The pins should be installed in the LPC using the holes toward the front of the case.  Installing a header pin.  When orienting the chip on the header pin remember the cut out in the chip should be closest to the front of the case.

On a 1.0 and some 1.1 the LPC holes are filled with solder these are some of the best ones to use the quick solder method.  Pre tin the first two holes, one will be square and the one next to it is usually indented, they are attached to large hunks of copper within the layers of the board so they do take some time to warm up.

To always enable your XT you will need to ground BT, this can be accomplished by running a wire from BT to any screw hole or to the pad on the chip in this photo.

*The only wires that are required on the XT are D0 and BT, as described above BT can be soldered on the chip by bridging the two pads pictured.  Then only D0 will need to be soldered.  This is the most simple and reliable method of installing the chip.

HD/L2 is a connection to the IDE cable to pickup the signal for whenever the hard drive reads or writes.

L1 is the connection to the Xbox LED, this will control the LED so it comes up with a red LED when chip is enabled, (green when disabled) and it will flash orange with hard drive read/writes.

In the following diagrams remember that L2 and HD are interchangeable, you will find on the Aladdin XT the point is labeled HD while on the Aladdin Live it is labeled L2

For 1.0-1.1

10-11.jpg (105650 bytes)

For 1.2-1.5

12-15.jpg (97210 bytes)

For 1.6 a/b

Additional wire rebuild photo for 1.6

All chips provided by Llamma are pre-flashed with Cromwell flash bios.  You can easily flash your chip with the 256K bios of your choice using the user friendly network flashing method.  The only method we recommend or support at Llamma is the network flashing method.  You will need a network and a PC with device that assigns IP addresses (cable modem or dsl router usually do this for  you) or the ability to assign your computer and ip address similar to the one the Xbox defaults to.   To connect the two devices you can use a crossover cable and plug directly from the port on one to the port on another or use standard patch cables with a hub or switch. 

See details on network flashing at teamxecuter.com (Note the flash bios is based on the Xecuter flash bios code, thanks to them for releasing the source!  This does NOT mean the Aladdin is an Xecuter chip nor that the flash bios is the Xecuter flash bios) 

Note that the flash bios images available on the Xecuter site will not work with the Aladdin. Look at the Latest Bios versions section in the upper right of their site, you do not want the last one in the list "flashBIOS v3.0.X" you will want a different 256K bios.




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