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Xbox ATA100 Cable Benchmark

I had a request out for a benchmark on the comparison of a standard Xbox cable and an ATA 100 cable Toast answered the call!  If anyone else has one to compare please drop me a mail and I will post yours as well.

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Benchmark courtesy of toast-

I read that you were interested in further information on what improvements (if any) the ATA100 mod has on the Xbox. So, I did some rough benchmarking - using the same system, I timed loads of games prior to and following the ATA100 mod install. I used the ATA100 cables you provide ...
The setup: 1 Un-moded Xbox system
The Test:
Halo: 1 Player, Normal Difficulty, Level 1 Load (Pillar of Autumn)
Halo: 1 Player, Normal Difficulty, Level 5 Load (Silent Cartographer)
Prince of Persia: New Game, Loading prior to first movie / level
SW - Knights of the Old Republic: Loading of Saved Game on planet Kashyyyk
*All recorded times rounded to the nearest 1/2 sec.
The comparison:
Halo Test #1
Trial | ATA33 | ATA100
     1| 19sec | 14sec
     2| 18sec | 13sec
     3| 19sec | 12sec
     4| 18sec | 13sec
AVG | 18.5sec | 13sec ---> 29.7% Improvement
Halo Test #2
Trial | ATA33 | ATA100
    1| 18.5sec| 13sec
    2| 18sec | 12sec
    3| 18sec | 14sec
    4| 18sec | 13sec
AVG | 18.25sec | 13sec ---> 28.7% Improvement
Prince of Persia
Trial | ATA33 | ATA100
    1| 3.5sec | 3sec
    2| 4sec | 3.5sec
    3| 4sec | 3sec
    4| 5sec | 3sec
AVG | 4.125sec | 3.125sec ---> 24.2% Improvement
SW - Knights of the Old Republic
Trial | ATA33 | ATA100
    1| 18sec | 13sec
    2| 14sec | 12sec
    3| 16sec | 12sec
    4| 15sec | 13sec
AVG | 15.75sec | 12.5sec ---> 20.6% Improvement
So the ATA100 Mod improves load times ~20-30% - Quite a reasonable improvement for such an inexpensive part. Worthwhile for any Xbox user to do.


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