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Xbox Mods
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General Tutorials
Hall of Shame

Case Mods
xcmlighttest 058.jpg (20282 bytes) Xbox Cold Cathode Lighting installation
Clear Case lighted mods
Aftermarket Clear Case Lids and face plates now available

LED Mods

LED Controller mod 
Jewel LED mod
Xbox 80mm LED Fan Mod



Modchip overview 
Xecuter 2.6 and X3 (1.3MB PDF)
DUO X3 Installation
Aladdin XT All Version Installation
Old Diagrams


Hardware Mods

Faster Fan Mod increase voltage on case fan to 12V
heatsink_010.jpg (19885 bytes) MCPX Nividia Heatsink installation
Multiple Hard Drive Mod switch between one hard drive and another.  Install Linux on one drive while leaving the original drive untouched etc. (thanks to Hardwareman)
Power On your xbox via remote control (external link)

Cable  Mods

DSCN0962.jpg (37781 bytes) The easiest mod available ATA 100 Cable
Dual Hard Drive mod, 4 connector IDE Cable installation 
Big Memory Card Use PC USB device as a memory card in your Xbox.  Just buy or make and adapter and the Xbox does the rest.
Running Linux and trying to use your keyboard and mouse?  Hack together a USB mouse/keyboard adapter for free, or buy a more elegant adapter ready made
Plug your Xbox into a PC monitor http://www.xbox-linux.org/wiki/Xbox_VGA_HOWTO

Controller Mods
Making of the South Paw S-Type. 
How to Swap the function of the left and right thumb sticks on an Original Microsoft S-Type Controller
Use Your Xbox Controller on a PC  
Install Controller Driver for PC (Use Xbox Controller to Play PC games)
Install Controller Driver for PC Memory Card Access (Action Replay for free, upload game saves, Linux raincoat etc)

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