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Samsung DVD Complete Disassembly

Tools Phillips #1


Begin with a Samsung Xbox DVD Drive


flip 'er over, remove four screws. The top and bottom covers come off easily

To slide out the tray either use the emergency eject from the front of the drive or flip it over and slide this white thing in the direction of the arrow.  It will be a easier task if a mini screwdriver is used.

Removing the DVD tray, two clips need to be depressed on either side of the front of the DVD to allow its removal

if you are having tray eject issues the nub on the white thing circled below has most likely jumped out of the trough it fits in on the bottom of the tray, when reassembling the tray be sure this fits back into the trough on the bottom of the tray.

Removing the laser assembly.  Remove the two screws where the blue circle is in this photo (screws already removed in photo)  the back of the assembly lifts off easily.  The front is held by two rubber grommets, see next photo for their removal.

This is a view of the bottom of the drive and you can see the grommet on the right has been removed from its "C" shaped holder.  The one on the left still needs to come out.

With the laser loose I find this is a good time to remove the circuit board to gain easy access to the ribbon cables.  The cables are attached to their socket with some tape.  There are no wedges to hold them in place like on other drives.  These could also be removed before the laser is removed, that would probably make things a bit easier.

PCB removal, you will find two black clips on the bottom of the board that hold the PCB in place, push on these in the proper direction, apply a little pressure to the circuit board, and it pops right off.

You should now have a pile of parts.


Install the laser assembly back into the chassis, put the shaft of a small screwdriver through the hole in the center of the rubber grommet and push it into place

Note the large headed screws on the left in this picture have been installed.

Lay the PCB on top of the chassis and reconnect two ribbon cables

The PCB is held in place by two back plastic clips circled below, press the board into place.

Flip the drive into the upright position.  On the top, install the ribbon cable that attaches to the laser.  Note the position of the brown clip.

Once the ribbon cable is installed snap the brown clip into the locked position as shown below.

Put on the top and bottom cover and you are done!






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