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DVD Drive failure

DVD Drive failure most common problem, this ranges from dirty disk error (DDE) message shown here to inoperability of the drive door, skipping in movies, slow load time or the call customer service errors 10, 11, and 12 Dirty Disc Error (DDE) "Your disk may be damaged or dirty. Press A to try again" The Xbox does not recognize the disc, make sure it is an Xbox game, DVD CD, or audio CD. Also check if the disc is dirty or damaged. Remove the disc to continue;




  1. Replace with PC DVD drive.  Downside is you end up with a console that cannot play standard X-Box games, you need to install a mod chip to replace the stock bios to make the drive usable and you need some soldiering skill if you want the button to work on the front of the console.  Upside, faster load time and you can still play DVD's plus this will have little problems when it comes to reading CDR and DVDR media (of course only used to install linux).
      Link #1 best tutorial Pioneer 500m Link #2 for LG DRD-8160B drive     Link #3 Multiple drive models
  2. Replace with X-box DVD drive.  Downside Microsoft will not sell replacement drives so you must go with a used one, how much longer will your "new" drive last?  Upside, no modifications are needed for your X-Box. Purchase Tested Used Drive from the Llamma
  3. Fix existing DVD drive.  Everything I have to say on this option.  
  4. If your original Xbox DVD drive is dead, completely, no life at all, this may help you.  "There are 2 small fuses on the drive PCB on the opposite side to the BA chips (look elsewhere to see how to get to em) they are brown rectangles with the markings "MP200" on them. If either of these is open circuit (burst) replace it with a 200mA fuse. I think i broke mine whilst unplugging the yellow wired connector before the xbox had properly switched off." (taken from message board, untested by Llamma).  

See also Xbox DVD drive wont open
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