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Xbox Repair

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First of all if you have not opened your Xbox and you are having problems, think about calling 1-800-4MY-XBOX that is the customer support number for Microsoft.  If you have had it less than 90 days it should be covered under warranty.  If you open the box they will no longer fix your system for a reasonable charge and it will become cheaper to buy a new one.

WARNING!!! Keep Yourself and Your Xbox SAFE, Click Here!

Most popular:

DVD Repair Cleaning A DVD Drive Open DVD drive Manually
Opening An Xbox Error Codes Motherboard Repair
Identify Xbox Version Repair Traces Xbox power supply repair
Opening a Controller    

Diagnosis and repair by problem type.

I get dirty disc errors.

I get an error message on the screen

My Xbox flashes with different colors from the LED around the eject button but nothing on screen.

My Xbox will not power on

My Xbox locks up

I have problems with my Xbox controller.


Reading Xbox HDD Key
Xbox power supply repair tutorial
Face Plate Removal
1.6 suddenly will not power on after mod attempt
Transfer Game Saves to Memory Device
Phillips Laser Installation 
Thomson Laser Installation
Samsung DVD Complete Disassembly 
Phillips DVD complete disassembly 
Phillips DVD laser replacement
(PDF doc)
Random lockups and heat issues

DVD Version Comparison - Check Xbox DVD Version Without Opening your Xbox
Connect Your Xbox to a PC monitor
Convert 1.0/1.1 power supply to work on 1.2-1.5
Check your Xbox Version 
Fan Wont Blow
Xbox Controller Cord Repair
Thomson Tray Alignment Procedure 
DVD POT Adjustment
DVD Repair 
Connect your Xbox Controller to your PC
Xbox Utility Disks
Mods page
Ejecting the DVD when the Xbox will not power up  
Updated Funniest Broken Xbox I have ever seen!  
"Reformatting" your Xbox Hard Drive  
Creating Dual Use USB Keyboard adapter for FREE
Removing Xbox Front Panel without complete disassembly  
So You decided to swap out the broken part  
Cleaning sticky buttons on a controller 
Cleaning your DVD lens and mirror  
Repair-Fixing broken traces or lifted pads 
Opening a case  
What bad soldiering on traces looks like

Common Errors:
Several options to resolve errors  (look here for Dirty Disc Error (DDE) "Your disk may be damaged or dirty. Press A to try again" also find info on "The Xbox does not recognize the disc, make sure it is an Xbox game, DVD CD, or audio CD. Also check if the disc is dirty or damaged. Remove the disc to continue" )
Power Supply couple fix options and a photo
System Failure, Flashing Red and Green or other light combinations we will get into this in more detail as the page progresses
Hard Drive A few comments on hard drives

Error Code info:
Your Xbox Requires Service
I guess things could be worse at least it knows it has a problem Photo of Error
Xbox Error Codes Defined If you get the customer service error message with a numeral in the upper left this is what they mean. Photo of error with number 
LED Error Codes Flashing LED problem definitions

Mod Chip Tutorial
Some easy reading on Mod Chips   
How to open an Xbox Complete disassembly this voids your warranty (if you are out of warranty this also increases the fee for M$ to repair from $100 to a whopping $200)
What version Xbox do I have?  Check the Date or look at the heat sink
Repair-Fix broken traces or lifted pads Tutorial with pics
Cleaning your DVD lens and mirror DVD cleaning tutorial
Cleaning sticky buttons on a controller  EASY!! you don't even need this tutorial
Xbox Controller Cord Repair Dog ate the cord?  You're not the only one.






What kind of information can be found about xbox repair at the above links?  Repair your Xbox console. Repair or replace your DVD drive.  Replace or swap your IDE/ATA X-box Hard Drive  Repair replace or service your Power Supply.  Fix common errors.  Information on the dreaded "Your Xbox requires service call. Please call Xbox Customer Support." or "The Xbox does not recognize the disc, make sure it is an Xbox game, DVD CD, or audio CD. also check if the disc is dirty or damaged. Remove the disc to continue"  Find information on installing and troubleshooting mod chips especially homebrew mods like cheapmod.   

You will not find information on - Playstation 2 Playstation PS1 or PS2, no info on Game Cube by Nintendo  or GameCube in general.  I do not have information on Mod chips like Enigma, Enigmah, Matrix, Xodus, Enigmah , Xtender,  RegionFree , Devilmod , XioS, Messiah-X , Pandora1 , TitanX, X-ecuter1.0&1.1 , Cheapmod , Aladdin, X-ecuterII , Xodus/Matrix , OpenXbox/PC-BioXX , Cyclone , Lpcmod , ALX2+



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