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Xbox DVD Version Comparison

 Check Xbox DVD Version Without Opening your Xbox.  All DVD drives listed are compatible with all versions of Xbox Console 1.0-1.5

See how to fix dirty disc errors for more info

Hit eject on your xbox and check out the tray.  The Samsungs extra cutouts are pretty obvious so that is easy to pick out.  If you have a Thompson or Phillips compare the size of the inner space, the Thompson's is more narrow and this makes the inner ring for small size disc's look to be about half way from the center space to the outer tray, while the Phillips is more narrow.  Also look at the interior empty space, the Phillips tray is somewhat keyhole shaped while the Thompson is a smooth arch.


Just for further documentation here is a shot of the bottom of the drives...  Notice the big hump on the bottom of the Phillips, what the heck is that thing there for?  Its like a little secret compartment for smuggling or something, totally empty in the interior.  My best guess is that it just leaves extra space under the optics and becomes a little dust pocket to help route dust away from the lens. 

Updated 10/24 some time ago Phillips came out with a new drive that makes use of this hump.  The laser is positioned vertically and the PCB is designed to allow the laser to pass through the board and make use of this empty area.  Apparently this was the design they intended to use initially when designing the Xbox DVD drive case and only implemented the changes to the internals recently.

DVD comparison 011.jpg (28597 bytes)




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