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Xbox Hard Drive Unlocking Solutions

The Xbox uses a hard drive password locking mechanism, each password is unique, if you do not know the password you cannot even format a locked drive by normal means.  The motherboard that hard drive came with knows the password but if the board is no longer available a hardware/software means of forcing the drive to unlock is necessary to make the drive useful again.

Lowtech found the answer for the rubber jacketed Seagate ST310211A 10GB drive.

Download firmw.rar and unpack it, then boot to a dos boot disc with the files from the archive on it.

There must be four files in addition to the system boot files on the boot disc:

Plug your Seagate into an available IDE channel

Execute the command "SF -v -f U5339 -m U5"

It will scan all channels for the drive and when it finds it, it will flash it with the same firmware that is already on it.  This has a side effect of the drive becoming unlocked.

12/29/05 An answer for the slim seagate was sent to me via email, make a little serial programmer!
Adobe Acrobat Document
Spanish Translation of document

Osiris sent this in and confirms it is working
Document created by cyd0g

02/06/06 Built and tested working by Llamma.com

02/22/06 WD80EB - I've received this solution many times over the last year or so with reports of it working increasing I have to list it as a solution even though I have been unsuccessful in making it work.  Thomas has submitted this solution with a more descriptive step 6 and 7 that make the difference!

1. Connect the hard drive as primary master (remove the jumper)
2. Create a bootable floppy with ATAPWD.EXE on it.
3. Boot from the floppy and launch ATAPWD.EXE select the WD80EB drive and press enter.
4. Select ERASE PREPARE and then ERASE UNIT.
6. It will give you a Busy error, that means it is erasing the drive so please dont turn off the computer.
7. After 30min press F5 to refresh the list and you will see that the drive has become unlocked :D




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