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 Xbox Lighting Mods Installation

Grocery list-
Blue XCM case
Two blue 4" cold cathodes
80mm blue cold cathode fan
blue 5000mcd LED controller ports and power button
Calvin Pissing on PS2 etched jewel
Cooling kit mod

Tools and supplies-
Two-part 6-minute Clear Epoxy
Torx 10 and 20
Faceplate Remover
Wire stripper
tin snips
side cutters


Hot glue is not a good substitute for epoxy, these are cold cathodes but they do give off some heat especially when we are removing the protective plastic and that can make hot glue hot and runny! 

Oh and the cathodes are little glass tubes just like a fluorescent light.  They are fragile and will break easily. 

I recommend the ATA166 cable as it is designed to disperse interference.  I have heard of others having issues with hard drives and cold cathode mods, I have never seen any on the boxes I have done but all the ones I have done will always have a 166 cable too...  Some say to shield the transformer by wrapping it in tinfoil.  Again I have never needed it so I don't have a tutorial for that.

XCM 013.jpg (59645 bytes) Preparing the 4" cathodes.  Head to the old vice bust out the hack saw, and don't go too far!
XCM 017.jpg (12411 bytes) You want to hold the hacksaw pretty parallel to the cathode so you slice through the tube as well as the cube part
XCM 018.jpg (9111 bytes) that will do it
XCM 020.jpg (18069 bytes) now for the fun... and risky part
XCM 021.jpg (13245 bytes) gentle twisting...  easy... easy... work down the length of the crack.... POP!
XCM 022.jpg (30222 bytes) alright the glass didn't break, whew!  The side cutters are always a good tool, just clamp onto the plastic and sip a tiny piece it will send a crack shooting all the way around the tube sometimes.
XCM 026.jpg (13312 bytes) now you should have something like this
xcmlighttest 019.jpg (10972 bytes) Epoxy available at the local hardware store, some toothpicks.   
  Xbox Faceplate Removal
xcmlighttest 018.jpg (72809 bytes) tape everything down first, notice how close to the center mine are mounted?  Gotta do that or they get crushed by the case when you attach the front
xcmlighttest 020.jpg (5363 bytes) I try to encompass the rubber ends of the cathode with epoxy
xcmlighttest 022.jpg (6443 bytes) its not so much about using a lot, but when it hardens it becomes like plastic so you gotta get it to touch either side of the cathode and create sort of an arch. Epoxy doesn't stick to glass and oily heat shrink rubber but it sticks to the case well.
  To get the tin off the lid, you have to loosen each of four little "grabby tabs" around 6 pegs with a flat head screw driver bending them back then once all pegs are loose it will come off straight up.  Prepare the tin lid for installation by smacking the grabby tabs flat with the rounded butt of a screw driver. 
xcmlighttest 017.jpg (31753 bytes) With the jewel ring I put one blob on either side of the split in the back and one in the front.  I like the wires positioned toward the rear of the console.
xcmlighttest 024.jpg (16283 bytes) Snip a little hole in the tin directly under the jewel and feed the wire through.
xcmlighttest 025.jpg (11314 bytes) I like to use a driver that takes bits but remove the bit and push them down
xcmlighttest 035.jpg (23483 bytes) The cathodes come with some little inverters... they can be even smaller if you pop them open and slide them into some 1" heat shrink.  I like to mount one behind the DVD and one in the carrier behind the hard drive. 
xcmlighttest 028.jpg (29848 bytes) Bore a hole big enough for the wires to fit through at the back of the hard drive carrier
xcmlighttest 042.jpg (18703 bytes) feed the two white ones from the front and the red and black from both inverters
xcmlighttest 044.jpg (58679 bytes) snip the red and black wires to length. Twist the 2 black together then twist the two red together and crimp into the blue spade connectors.  Clip the T-taps on the black and yellow wire of the hard drive
xcmlighttest 045.jpg (26388 bytes) Connect the RED from the inverters to the YELLOW of the power supply.  The black goes into the black.  Hide them under the ATA166
xcmlighttest 048.jpg (70351 bytes) In the daylight
xcmlighttest 058.jpg (20282 bytes) Lights off
xcmlighttest 052.jpg (25090 bytes) awh that's just not right...
















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