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Major Internal components

Mother Boards DVD drives and Power Supplies

Xbox Mods
Akira, CheapMod 1 and 2, programmer, 30AWG wire, De-solder braid, LED mods
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Consoles Pre-Modified and Standard
All consoles are guaranteed for 90 days
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Tools and Supplies

Digital Multi Meter, wire, soldering supplies, 30AWG wire stripper.
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Controllers, Carry Case etc.

Do-it-yourself Kits

Power supply adapter, Controller to PC adapter, Xbox to VGA adapter.

Cases and Small Parts
Fans, Cables, Heat Sinks, Case, DVD Bezel, Case parts, Screw Sets etc.
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Cables and Adapters
Controller extension, adapters, power cords, video cords.

International Shipping Costs

Shipping to Canada and other destinations outside of the United States.

Salvage Parts
Broken parts to get little parts for DVD drive repairs, power supplies, RAM for Motherboards Etc.

Shopping Home Page

All Xbox parts are used, guaranteed in working condition.  Pay me securely with your credit card via PayPal or contact Sales via mail for other options.  All parts listed In Stock are available for shipment, this page is updated regularly and should be considered current as of the time you view it.

Now Shipping daily via UPS and including tracking on all US orders!!  Physical addresses are a must, no PO boxes!


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