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Xbox Repair Guide / Xbox Repair Manual

The Ultimate Repair Guide!  eBay's best kept secret!  Xbox repair manuals abound on eBay, this Xbox Repair Manual is FREE!  Take a look at the Xbox Repair Tutorials for more info.  

(That whole flashy header thing was just for those web searching for an Xbox guide or manual.  I've been giving this information away for free for over a year now and I find several sites selling the same info.  I'm still not selling,  I'm giving it away click here for all the info Xbox Repair Tutorials)

For those of you that have paid good money only to find that you are receiving an Xbox repair manual that is incomplete or some subset of the tutorials on these pages, or even just page of links, I am sorry.  I frequently get emails from people letting me know that there are xbox repair guides out there that are "rip offs" from this site and that they wasted their money.  I will go after the auctions that are clearly stealing and re-branding my photos or plagiarizing word for word so please do let me know if you stumble across one.  

There are at least couple upstanding Xbox repair manuals out there as well.  eBay ID's xboxrepairguide and jamesburgess come to mind as xbox repair guides that are original content or link and never steal, I'm sure there are others as well.

Don't get me wrong everyone is entitled to share xbox repair information, I don't hold any sort of monopoly on it, everyone can use this site, give out links, sell links, reference this site.  That's what it is here for! But as soon as someone takes what is here and presents it as their own work that's when we have a problem. 

I need to spout off for a little while...

It takes quite a bit of time to put together a site such as this one.  If I post something I did not create I get permission from the owner before re-posting it.  Others do not offer the same courtesy.

Here is an original llamma photo.

To get a photo such as that one you need a decent quality digital camera, proper lighting, patience and a steady hand.  I took over 20 photos to get the perfect one.  Notice how the foreground in the lower right is slightly out of focus and the back of the image in the upper left is also slightly out of focus.  Now the subject  is in perfect focus with a shallow depth of field.  This image was taken at a high 2272X1704 resolution so each tiny component would also be clear for enlargements.  I am quite proud of this photo, it took a great deal of effort and skill to get it just right.  I thought to myself "I'm gonna brand this one right in the center so no one will be able to rip it off."

Here are a couple photos from some of the eBay Xbox Repair Manuals, I won't mention any of the eBay user ID's... hmm, well I guess they did that themselves

The auction relating to the photo above was removed promptly at the request of the Llamma (thanks Juggala)

I like this one the best

Do not copy it says... yeah good idea do not copy! (side note, the person that was using the above two photos has re-created their guide and now only includes links and does not infringe on the works of others, good job!)

If anyone buys an xbox repair manual and finds my photos in it please let me know so I can add to this list and contact eBay to file a complaint....

Should I start running this auction again?  It isn't really fair to the group out there that made their own xbox repair guide.  I don't know what the right answer is...

 The Llamma's Adventures in Xbox

The ULTIMATE, truly comprehensive fully illustrated Xbox repair guide! 
Guaranteed or your money back!!!!

You are bidding on one link to the repair site that is literally the mother of most of the repair guides sold on eBay!  If you buy any of the other guides and find it a better value for your dollar let me know and I will refund your purchase.  

eBay Customer Support (Trust and Safety Department) Please Read
I have read and understand the Catalog and URL sales policy, this link is not in violation 
please contact me and I will send a copy for you to evaluate

Topics covered:

  • Open Your X-Box 
  • Opening Your Controller 
  • Remove Front Panel Without Complete Disassembly 
  • Cleaning Your DVD Drive 
  • Repairing Your DVD Drive 
  • Eject a Disk Without Power 
  • Fixing Disk Read Errors With Thompson Drive 
  • Fixing Broken Traces 
  • Error Codes Explained 
  • Laser Adjustment
  • DVD Drive Mechanical Problems 
  • Controller Repair 
  • Turn your xbox into a computer, running Linux
  • Make USB adapters for keyboards and Mice
  • Connect your Xbox Controller to a PC
  • Controller Cord Repair

And much more... updated frequently.  You will find that the features are the same as listed in the other's eBay auctions.  I know of one guide for certain that you will find to be a word for word rip off of my site.  This is what has prompted me to create this auction.

It would be nice to just give this information to you but since this is on eBay I have to charge something for it so they get their cut.  
For $1.00 you will have the link automatically sent to you when payment is provided via PayPal.

emotional ranting follows...

I see all those auctions out there whining about this seller or that who stole this photo or that description and chuckle, and now here I am writing one of my own. Suppose you spend hundreds of hours creating in depth tutorials on how to repair Xbox consoles.  Then you find that others take that information word for word create some ebook or web.exe and sell it at auction claiming that it is their own!  

Well I created this, I own it, and its on my site free for everyone to enjoy.  When I found out about the auctions selling my hard work at first I got upset thought I'd file a complaint with eBay, maybe file a lawsuit...  I calmed down then realized, this info is free I have been giving it away for some time all I really want to do is see that no one is making money on my efforts without compensating me.  What better to do than rip the price out from under those that have not created their own guides. I make nothing on the site I provide, the cost of the content is zero to everyone with a web browser.  Now lets lower the margin of those plagiarists by providing the true source of all their stolen information for a fraction of the price.  Let them try and compete with my prices, buy it now for a dollar!

Unlike all the other auctions that say you cannot resell the information... GO FOR IT sell the link, give it away!, I don't care, but for goodness sake give me credit for what I have created!  Don't take my photos and alter them to have your name on them! (*SIGH* Ah Alright, now I'm done venting.)

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