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Xbox 360 DVD Drive Comparison:
How to Identify Your 360 DVD Drive Without Opening the Console

 Copyright Notice: All rights reserved Copyright 2005 Llamma Corp.  This document and associated photos and all content at llamma.com may not be reproduced without written permission from the author(s).  This means you may not re-post at another site, sell these documents on eBay or reproduce in any form.  Our articles are written with the intention of them being read at our site.  Feel free to link and use any one photo from any of our articles for the purpose of linking. 

This page is dedicated to information that will help you determine which version DVD drive you have in your Xbox 360 as well as information about each drive.  The photos below should assist you in identifying your drive version without opening your Xbox 360 by comparing the DVD drive trays.

We now have three drives shipping in retail Xbox 360's.  Units with a manufacture date of 11/06/06 or newer may contain the new BENQ VAD6038 DVD drive.  This drive is rumored to be the quietest of the bunch.

Samsung TS-H943A Xbox 360 DVD DriveHitachi GDR-3120L Xbox 360 DVD DriveBenq VAD6038 Xbox 360 DVD Drive

Take notice of the shape of the DVD tray itself.  Each have a unique design that makes it a relatively easy task to determine which drive you have without opening your console.

Another method to determine version is to look through the hole in the front of the DVD drive that is visible when the faceplate has been removed.  See Xbox 360 emergency eject for more info
Circuit board and red wire= Samsung Black plastic divot = Hitachi White wires and empty space = Benq


Xbox 360 DVD Drives

  Hitachi GDR-3120L Xbox 360 DVD Drive
The Hitachi GDR-3120L has shipped with numerous firmware revisions during its tenure.  Auto-flashers and scripted firmware tools have made firmware modding the Hitachi very easy.  But, unlike the Samsung drive, it is possible to brick your Hitachi drive if care is not taken to ensure you are following the correct procedures.

Some revisions include: 46DH, 47DG, 47DJ, 59DJ ,78FK

Hitachi 360 DVD Drive Disassembly Instructions

  Toshiba/Samsung TS-H943A Xbox 360 DVD Drive

There are currently two revisions of the TS-H943 drive out in the wild; the MS25 and MS28.  Virtually impossible to brick by flashing the firmware, this drive is the most forgiving and easy to work with drive to date.

The MS25 is a very popular drive due to how easily you can flash the firmware.

The MS28 requires hardware modifications and special techniques to allow flashing the firmware.  Other than these extra steps it is virtually the same as a MS25.  Nevertheless these steps can complicated making it considerably more difficult to work with if you are not familiar with the techniques. 

Toshiba/Samsung 360 DVD Drive Disassembly Instructions


  BENQ VAD6038 Xbox 360 DVD Drive
We know very little about this drive at the moment.  It is based on the Philips VAD6037 drive found in some dev kits.  Popular opinion is that the BENQ is the quietest and fastest of all the current Xbox 360 DVD drives.

No firmware mods or tools currently exist for this drive. (04/05/07)  This also implies that you cannot swap drives if your goes bad or you just want to replace your existing drive with one.

BENQ 360 DVD Drive Disassembly Instructions


Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive

  Toshiba SD-S802A Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive
This is not a standard 360 DVD drive it is the one that comes in the add on HD DVD unit.  We have little to report about this drive at the moment (05/08/07)  It is very quiet.  It was designed to fit in the footprint of the standard 360 DVD so it makes us wonder if we will see one in a "special" console coming soon.  Few more details in our 360 HD DVD disassembly tutorial

Toshiba HD DVD Drive Disassembly Instructions





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