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Welcome to the Llamma's Adventures in Xbox 360.

Here you can find information about Xbox 360 parts, repairs, customizations and mod accessories.  We pride ourselves on our quality service ,support and products.  We will always be the place to go for clear step by step how-to repair and mod tutorials as well as hacks, cheats and a little news here and there.


03/07/12  Its about time!  2nd Revision PS3 Style Mushroom Top Thumbsticks for 360 Wireless Controllers  Back In Stock!!!

Sorry for the delay, these went missing for a while!  Even mine wore out after a year or so of use and I was back to using regular thumbsticks again.  I hate that!  The round tops are where its at for me.  We have developed quite a following with the round tops and I had many requests for them and believe me I've been trying to track them down.  I actually found the perfect ones, these are the "2nd revision" as we have offered in the past, they slide on easy and fit just right!  Medium firm rubber grip offers long wear and optimum "grippie-ness"  Are you as excited as I am?



Custom 360 wireless controller shells are now available and are also part of our controller parts discount group!  These fit great, look awesome and are fully compatible with all the thumb sticks, triggers, buttons and trim pieces so you can mix and match colors to fit your needs!


New discount categories on the wildly popular small controller pieces.  You come to Llamma for quality parts, the best service and fast shipping, and having the lowest prices doesn't hurt either.  Now we are catering to the bulk buyers.  We have discounts setup for quantity prices on all our controller pieces.  The sad thing is you look at the product discount and think I don't need 50 of X item who would ever want a ton of one kind?  That's the important part you can mix and match any color and any item from the following 6 categories to increase your discount level, choose from over 60 individual products!
Xbox 360 Controller Thumbsticks and Dpad  
Xbox 360 Controller Trigger and Shoulder Buttons  
Xbox 360 Controller Trim Pieces
Xbox 360 Controller ABXY Button Sets
Xbox 360 Controller Guide Buttons
Xbox 360 Controller back and start button sets
With discounts starting at as few as 5 items just fully modding one controller gets you into the savings!  Do a bunch we got you covered as well 50 piece pricing is available too!

How to change the color of the LED's in  ring of light on the Xbox 360 faceplate.(Updated 02/04/12)

1/16/12  The Llamma's getting "all political" again.  Seeing as its Martin Luther King day lets start this off with a quote or two that seem to apply to the situation.

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

I just went to Craigslist and saw they had some information up about Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) they did a much better job than I did detailing the info and linking to other sites of interest.  http://www.craigslist.org/about/SOPA 

Q- But Llamma if this is such a big deal why haven't I heard anything about it on the news? 
A- I was wondering the same thing not a peep on the news anywhere its almost like a media blackout.  I guess if every major news organization supports the issue they would then of course not want to tell anyone about it.  If you feel really strongly about something and run a major news organization you totally keep quiet about it, don't comment about it on any show, website, or anything.  Its like there is something in there they don't want you to know about.

Q- Come on Llamma our representatives are really smart people I'm sure hardly any of them would support something like this.
A- I thought so too, but at time of writing this its 80-29 in favor of SOPA  http://projects.propublica.org/sopa/

12/23/11 Llamma's Green Sprocket 360 Slim is "born".  I do feel a bit like I gave birth to this one.  There was pain, sweating, hours of labor, nights of lost sleep, a little blood and a definite feeling of relief when it was done, even some postpartum depression.  (ladies please don't be offended as a father I have only some idea what childbirth is like, my efforts really don't hold a candle to the real deal yet I still felt the need to draw the parallel, my apologies in advance) 

Its been quite a while since we have done a full custom console and I hope you like the results.  We incorporated quite a few new methods to pull this one off.  We include a flush window, its something we have always wanted to do but could never make it work until now.  The surface of the window is flush with the surface of the consoles case, in the past we have always just cut a hole and mounted the window from inside the case, with some new technology here in the llamma lair we now have the ability to cut the hole and make a window with an inset lip to fit smack into the hole we cut! 

More photos and a bit of the story behind the console.
Llamma's Green Sprocket 360 Slim

12/06/11 Censoring the Internet! You've probably already heard about this somewhere else but I feel I must post something to get the word out even if only one person notifies their representatives this message is worth it.

I don't often get "all political" but there is some really concerning legislation being reviewed by our representatives right now.  H.R. 3261 in the House of Representatives and S. 968 and S. 978 in the Senate.  Its so absurd I cannot imaging this would ever become law but I'm really afraid legislators just see "protect copyright holders=good for the economy" or some other over simplified jargon being jammed down their throat by big business.  I encourage you to read the overview the ECA has put together

As gamers the ECA is our lobbying organization (about ECA).  They are basically opposite the ESA (entertainment software association, the lobbying arm of big business ) Without the ECA, the ESA would run rampant!  The important thing for US government to effectively represent the people is to ensure both sides of the discussion are heard.  This is where you come in.  The ECA makes it click, click easy to notify your representatives of your opinions. 

Now for my "oversimplified" view of the effects; If your site links to a site hosting content that is "bad" your site can be taken down without warning or due process.  This means you have no ability to defend yourself prior to the seizure.  If you post a video on YouTube that shows a walk through of in game content for instance, you can be held personally liable (also YouTube could be held liable) machinima could be gone for good. 

If these bills become law, I fear I would need to shut down our forums, while we have specific rules about the types of links that are allowed and we enforce the rules manually inevitably some time passes between when it is posted and when we are able to delete it.  I would need to be certain no links could be added without our consent.  With the nature of the "free discussion" a forum provides I'm not sure there is any way to do that.  I'd probably also go through all my pages and delete links to all external sites to be safe.  These changes would limit or eliminate the fair use we have become accustomed to, limit our freedom of speech, and change the face of the internet in a big way. 

Discuss in our forums (while you still can)

10/22/11  I've been working on a 360 Slim Game Changer for a while and have a completed one sitting in my entertainment center.  Mc Lovein it.  I really want to make this available to the do it yourselfers out there but this one has been a bit of a difficult mod and really isn't a DIY appropriate without a kit.  read more 
mictrim_aqua.jpg (6001 bytes)Custom 360 Controller Triggers/Shoulder buttons - VIOLET360 Controller Thumbstick/D Pad Replacement Set PINK W/FREE T8

More colors than a bag of Skittles!  Mod the rainbow!  We now have a full assortment of controller mod parts and even dedicated a new category to it in the shopping cart.  

Triggers, shoulder buttons, ABXY buttons Thumbsticks, and bottom trim pieces make any 360 controller scream custom.  .

One of my favorite mods is to just get a stock black controller, a stock white controller and swappy swappy make it the Tuxedo mod with just a few custom parts black/white thumb stick, bottom trim, ABXY buttons.  They look clean, are obviously not stock and only take a few minutes to complete.


SlimXCMWindow 020.jpg (47300 bytes)SlimXCMWindow 031.jpg (59046 bytes)SlimXCMWindowModInside.jpg (34280 bytes)   09/27/11 Where's the Llamma been, I haven't seen a new mod there in a while...  Well today is that day!

Llamma is proud to announce our CNC Carved Acrylic windows for the Xbox 360 Slim.  These are designed to fit the XCM Slim 360 LED lighted case.  The combination of deep v carved acrylic and intense LED lighting produces some impressive lighted images in our windows.

We are also providing a send-in-your-lid window cutout service for those of you that would like to have their existing case customized to fit one of these windows. 


  The case windows are produced using 3/8" thick clear acrylic.  The window fits into the case from the front and is designed to be a tight fit.  The beveled lip of the window stays on the outside of the case while the window protrudes well into the case to soak up all that LED light.  For size reference a nickel is in the photo below.  The brown protective paper is removed before or after installation in the case.  Notice the 45 degree bevel around the edge of the window, this also lights up when the LED's are on..




02/21/11 -  Introducing Custom White ABXY Buttons and Custom Blackout ABXY Buttons, a simple to install mod that offers a custom look to even a stock controller.  Black is an opaque shiny black, you cannot see the letters, these are not painted buttons actual black plastic. White has clear outer shell with white lettering.  These aftermarket buttons fit great and feel like stock ones when used.


02/21/11 -  All you need to install a button set is a Cheap T8 security driver.  If you plan to go all out hard core controller modding get a long handled quality Wiha T8 Security driver or splurge and get the Access Pro Toolkit.  If you are just doing a couple controllers this one will do the job and keep you under budget at a buck and a half.
Xbox 360 Controller PS2/3 Style Thumbstick kit 02/21/11 -  We have mushroom top thumbsticks in stock again, they are the 1.0 revision.  Which means they are harder to slide onto the posts than they should be.  But they are otherwise a good thumb stick and you do only have to put them on once. We only got a few of these so get them while you can.
02/21/11 -  Intensafire 2.0 in stock, free no scope (crosshair static cling to put on your TV screen) fancy box, new black circuit board and supports the lighted thumb sticks (sold separately) These are guaranteed good boards with the latest software.  (An early batch of 2.0 boards had a software glitch, not these!)
02/21/11 -  Illuminating thumb sticks for the Intensafire 2.0 also in stock 4 color options are available.  They can shift/cycle or remain on/off.  Red/Blue, Green/Yellow, Green/Red, Blue/Yellow.  Three colors are produced by turning on; one, the other or both.  So a Red/Blue can be red or blue or a purple color.    (Intensafire 2.0 required to use, sold separately) 
02/21/11 -  Intensafire 1.4 still in stock, just thought I would mention the ones we have sport the latest code from BGR mods.  Why would you want the 1.4 version when the 2.0 one is out?  $10 price difference, unless you want the lighted thumb sticks might as well save a few bucks and get the good ol' 1.4.


12/08/10  We are fully restocked for the holiday season.  Enjoy!  A few new items have been added. 

The 3rd version of the XCM controller with lighted thumb sticks is available, it comes in chrome with four accent colors and 3 colors with a clear shell.

 XCM Lighted Shell Chrome Yellow V3 XCM Lighted Shell Chrome Green V3 XCM Lighted Shell Chrome Red V3 XCM Lighted Shell Chrome Blue V3

Crystal shell bright Blue-2 copy.jpg (65984 bytes) Crystal shell bright Red-2 copy.jpg (75105 bytes) Crystal shell bright Green-1 copy.jpg (68825 bytes)

Additional colors of the AirForm protective controller pouches,

360 Controller Airform Protective Carrying Case BLACK 360 360 360 Controller Airform Protective Carrying Case GREEN 360 Controller Airform Protective Carrying Case WHITE

Wire Glue - carbonized electrically conductive glue   This is some pretty magical wire glue (its conductive and can be used in place of solder) you can make connections without the need for a soldering iron.  Also its lead free and doesn't contain a bunch of poisonous chemicals... magical right? 

While the packaging looks like it was ripped from the 1950's its actually some space age stuff using micronized carbon to make it conductive.  I have pretty big expectations for this product and I'm excited to see if it will work for XCM controller shell installation.


  The most recent revision of the AccessPro Tool kit V3 is also in stock.  This version employs the quick change driver bit.  Which makes it ideal to use in powered drivers that accept this style of bit.  They also fit the included manual driver handle.

12/01/10 Xbox 360 wireless controller roundup.  There are three distinct versions of wireless controller circuit board.  With the newest version we have had reports of incompatibility with the XCM shells so here is a little tidbit about how to decide which version of 360 controller you have without opening it up!

11/17/10  A little secret to opening a 360 slim case.  How do you release that middle tab on the back of the case?  Through that little hole in the back under the sticker! 

09/19/09  Llamma got a chance to do an up close and personal look at the Intensafire Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controller Mod by BGR Mods.  Its a new rapid fire hack for Xbox 360 wireless controllers.  Its purpose is like any rapid fire controller is to make your single trigger pull into turbo trigger pull, automating monotonous tapping of the the trigger in semi automatic weapons.  This is a convenient little flexi PCB works on either version original Microsoft wireless controller.  It installs quickly and offers some nice features, like solder less install, and 5 modes, one of which is a programmable speed mode.  We installed one and of course added some close-up photos of the product and components Read More
Click here to find the IntensaFire in the Llamma Store.

07/08/09 The response on the PS3 style thumbsticks has been impressive, it looks like I'm not the only one that likes the mushroom tops!  We have now updated the thumbsick to a revision 2.  Previously they were hard to install, you had to really push them on the pegs, NO LONGER they fit just like the original sticks and now slide on easily.  Now that they are up to our specs we are bringing them into the Llamma lineup of products.  "Llamma Brand Mushroom Top Thumbsticks".  Wholesale quantities available.

Xbox 360 Controller PS2/3 Style Thumbstick kit


We finally have the updated GPU heatpipe heatsinks!  This is a product I have been getting requests for since the first ones hit the consoles.  Around the time HDMI came out in the 360 consoles MS updated the GPU heat sink with one that features a heat pipe and radiator to enhance cooling of the GPU for those familiar with the 3 red light issue this is part of the MS fix.  This is a great upgrade to all those old consoles out there that don't have the updated heatsink. 


HDMI cases from XCM - several cases have been made available by XCM with a factory style HDMI support.  We have now added Smoke, Chrome and Clear to the lineup as well as a Black Knight window case all featuring out of the box HDMI compatibility.

XCM 360 Chrome XCM 360 Smoke Black XCM 360 Diamond Clear

Tell me more about this HDMI compatibility, which one will work for me?

Updated D-Pad available on all the popular XCM controller cases.  Chrome Blue XCM controller case, Chrome Red, Chrome Green, Chrome Yellow, Smoke, Smooth Black and Clear all have the new Dpad. The only two styles without the updated Dpad are Sexy Red and Clear Green. 

04/09/09  The Llamma contest is over and a winner of the Elite has been chosen!  Congratulations to Anthony in Ohio, I hope you enjoy your Elite!  As for the other prizes the following forum users won (look for a PM from me for instructions to claim prize)!

one shot - Rapid Fire 3 mode Controller
Meat Shield - XFPS pro
Sorensen3021 - XFPS pro
Meat Shield - Open Fire 360 Controller Rapidfire Mod kit
Art - Open Fire 360 Controller Rapidfire Mod kit
Codywallz - Open Fire 360 Controller Rapidfire Mod kit

All winners were chosen via www.random.org true random number generator.  Meat$hield won twice, and yes he is a forum admin, but no its not a setup.

I'm also pleased to announce Kevin and Jaelynn won the contest! http://www.feldmannnissangiveaway.com/ They went into the final stretch behind the other team.  That team has had several thousand votes removed due to fraudulent entries, the Nissan giveaway apparently disqualified the other team.  Just goes to show, winners never cheat, cheaters never win!

Thanks for all the support out there we couldn't have done it without you!

03/24/09  The final 7 days of the contest remain.  Kevin and Jaelynn are down by about 1500 votes at the moment!  We can do it, but only if you help.  Please get out there and vote.  To keep things interesting I added a few prizes to be given away on our newly updated forums.  In addition to the 360 Elite (to be given away at the email contest here) we are also offering up a 3-mode rapid fire controller, a couple XFPS pros and some other surprise prizes! Check out this forum post to get in on the action!

Llamma's Xbox 360 Elite Giveaway!  Its a quick and easy signup, no cost and takes under 5 minutes to complete! 
Did I mention its for a good cause (my brother) and I would really appreciate the support!  Come on Llamma readers help him out!  They need the votes! 

Go to
for more info!

10/08/08 XCM products are back in stock at Llamma!  We again have our lineup of cases!

lighted wireless controller shells!

We even got a new product, the Core Cooler V2.  What does it do?  Well it lights up and blows of course!  I've been told its 168% brighter than any competing product and stirs the air more violently than most hurricanes. 

For those on a tighter budget but looking for an advanced lighting and cooling effect check out the Original Core Cooler

Probably not quite as exciting as full case mods or lighted products but maybe a little more important; replacement thumbsticks to keep your old controller in the game.  We've had gray replacement ones available for some time but due to popular demand we tracked down some black ones too. 

Xbox 360 Controller BLACK Thumbstick kitXbox 360 Controller BLACK D-PAD kit

My favorite thumbsticks are the PlayStation style ones with the rounded top.  A little harder to install but worth the effort.  I find that the rounded surface means less need to re-grab with my thumb an therefore more time aiming and less missed shots!  Seriously this is why people are beating you online, its not their OC3 connection or their far superior gaming skilz its all in the rounded thumbstick!  Grab a set and level the playing field everyone else is doing it.  Also I've heard rumors that due to the advantage that these provide MLG may ban the use of these in tournament play.

Xbox 360 Controller PS2/3 Style Thumbstick kit

07/30/08 AcidMods.com forums offers up a cheap and easy turbo fire option for 360 controllers.  Just use the ground from the active position indicator LED and wire a switch between it and the middle pole of the trigger pot.  I wired one up and tested it out and it works as described, the G3 , M14 and all other semi auto weapons in COD4 become full auto.  The Barrett .50 cal is a wicked beast to begin with, in full auto it is really crazy, all the pistols behave like submachine guns with tiny clips.  File this one under use at your own risk, there may be repercussions using a turbo controller on live. 

WirelessShellUpdate 007.jpg (49779 bytes) 06/09/08  Got a new XCM wireless lighted 360 controller shell and found you have a new revision of the 360 controller, you install it and the lights don't light?  Llamma's got the answer and its a really simple one.  XCM Installation tutorial updated.

04/14/08 Samsung 360 DVD drives are back in stock at Llamma!  We are pleased to offer these "like new" top quality  refurbs.  Some sites are offering dusty old used drives that maybe got a replacement part, not Llamma, we have the real deal!  Like new drives that were repaired by a factory authorized refurbishing company.  I'm not sure how long our stock will last,  they went out of stock in August and just now we got some restocked so get em while you can!

03/05/08 For those Call of Duty 4 (COD4) fans out there you have probably noticed some positive changes in the recent update.  Finally a simple way to mute the undesirables, some better kill cam views for grenades and air strikes, and my personal favorite, first person view on spectator. 

One change you may not have noticed is the N0M4D control layout.  I didn't see this one until I saw an article at gamegirl.com. But I do know N0M4D's unusual control method pretty well, to sum it up N0M4D PLAYS WITH HIS FACE! 

Randy "N0M4D" Fitzgerald is a gamer who plays with the tools at hand.  Don't think "disabled" think "differently abled", you'll know that when its time to throw down in game.  Infinity ward the makers of COD4 were nice enough to add his layout to the new update.  When you are using your lips to hit buttons its pretty much impossible to hold the look down the barrel button and shoot effectively so the most important part of the layout is a sticky aim down the sight, click once to look down the barrel, click again to un-look.
We have created two controller mods for N0M4D over the last couple years.  The triggers and shoulder buttons on a normal 360 controller are about useless to him, 4 new buttons right below the normal ABXY buttons were added, the trigger functions are mapped to the thumb sticks, thumb stick clicks and shoulder buttons are hardwired to the 4 new buttons.

Check out N0M4D's clan at www.equalgamers.com
Check out gamegirl.com for their Interview with him.

03/05/08 We have seen an update to the original whisper fans and the addition of the new whisper MAX.  So we put up some info on the new adapters that are included as well as a few points of interest in fan connector and wiring options for HDMI 1.2 consoles vs the launch 1.0 consoles and all the Talismoon lighting products that are available. 

12/28/07 DVD scratch stopper kit.  This product goes along with our disc scratching article from some time ago.  We finally tracked down some pads that are the perfect thickness to prevent scratching yet allow normal operation of your DVD drive.

12/21/07 Llamma's 3RLOD X-Clamp Fix Tutorial A little something for all those consoles out there with the 3 red lights of death (3ROD, 3RLOD, 3 red lights).  With a few tools and about an hour of time you can install some screws and washers to replace the existing X Clamp for a permanent solution to the 3 red light issue.  We have seen a high 90's percent success using this solution and our test consoles have been up and running for over 3 months!  We are even offering a Llamma X-Clamp fix kit for this solution at a fraction of the price of some other sites ours is under 5 bucks!

12/05/07 A new custom mod has been completed at Llamma and its a bit unusual.  Check out some progress photos and our write-up about its creation.  Its a custom painted, silk lined, light bulb toting, lunchbox!  We have dubbed it the Brainbox.  It really doesn't have anything to do with gaming other than the designer being RockStar games.  RockStar is donating it via thelunchboxauction.org to benefit the NY food shelf and The Lunchbox Fund of South Africa.

"For the 2007 Lunchbox Auction, 100+ iconic celebrities from the entertainment, fashion, art, music, literary and culinary worlds remind us that food matters by creating personalized lunchbox art for online auction. The auction, which goes live on Friday, December 7, 2007 at 12 a.m. EST, will benefit two hunger-relief organizations — Food Bank For New York City and The Lunchbox Fund of South Africa. Each lunchbox is signed and numbered and no two lunchboxes are alike." MORE


11/12/07 DVD Drive disassembly procedures documented.  These will be useful if you want to disassemble your drive to clean a laser or swap out the PCB into a new drive to retain the key.

hitachi_disassembly 015.jpg (63192 bytes)

Hitachi 360 DVD Drive Disassembly Instructions

samsungdisassembly 017.jpg (167557 bytes)

Toshiba/Samsung 360 DVD Drive Disassembly Instructions

07/05/07  Llamma Mod Gallery added.  If you want to see the collection of modded boxes we have done you'll find a link in the left "Mod Gallery" If you want to post some of your own or see what others have done check out our forum link to the "The Modded 360s of the Llamma club"

6/19/07  The Llamma forums are back up and running.  We are now on the most current version and hopefully this will aid in administration.  Its not that often that I get out to the forums and I was pleased to see we retained all our old posts and everything appears to be in good shape after the upgrade to the current PHPbb version.  I've been meaning to publish some of the great information that has grown out on the forms in our our normal pages so feel free to check out a few new tutorials just duplicated from forum posts

How to Adapt a PC power supply for use with an Xbox 360

How to Internalize your Xbox 360 Hard Drive

How to swap LED's in a Talismoon Fan

06/15/07  The installation instructions for the XCM360 controller shells were a bit tough to find on the XCM site so we are re-posting them in the 360 mods page.

05/31/07  John Knapper worked in Llamma's shipping department for almost a year and a half, and had some great times and shared a million smiles.  He leaves the company on June 1st, 2007 to explore the possibility of making a career out of his rock and roll band, Kwang.  And for good reason...the band has been getting a lot of favorable press in our area (Minneapolis/Midwest) and have been compared to legendary rock bands such as Kiss, Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, The Sweet, and Cheap Trick.  We are promoting this CD on Llamma's website to help spread the word about this emerging Minneapolis local act.

Knapper shares his comments; "The mentality behind writing music and the Llamma guys are similar - it's all about taking something common and making it unique. Putting a new spin on an old coin. Making it stand out, and trying to separate yourself. It's hard to do with music, but for our band, one formula has always worked - ROCK AND ROLL! The sound, the message, the everything. And the same with you gamers...you have to figure out how to take it to the next level. DON'T JUST SIT THERE, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Buy some more LED's! Get that clear case case you've always wanted! Who WOULDN'T want a CUSTOM LID CUT? Lighted Whisper Fan, anybody? These are essentials! And wouldn't it be better to rock out to our new record while playing Halo 4 when it comes out?" A unanimous "HELL YEAH!" roars from the crowd as the last chord rings out...and Knapper quietly says to himself, "I sure hope these CD's don't sell like the Champagne Gold 360 Cases..."

Check out Kwang's website here; www.kwangcity.com, or, you can find them on MySpace at www.myspace.com/kwang. Keep on gaming, and keep on rockin'!

Free XCM Case (we pick the color) to first person that finds Llamma.com somewhere on the Kwang CD - "For What It's Worth" email your submission to kwang{at}llamma.com!


Check out some sample MP3's
(caution some explicit lyrics)

Buy the Kwang CD - "For What It's Worth"


5/25/07  A new custom is finally finished at Llamma we call it the Green Kemper 360

Updates to Xbox 360 Manual Eject (Kendal with a much better method for Samsung, thanks for keeping the Llamma in check!)

05/24/07  We have taken down the forums indefinitely.  We are working toward a better solution but it could be some time before they are back up and running.

05/08/07  Xbox 360 HD DVD drive disassembly tutorial.  We took some time to put together a disassembly tutorial for the 360 HD DVD drive.  We noted a few interesting tidbits as well.   

Updates to Xbox 360 DVD drive Comparison (AKA how to identify your 360 DVD drive without opening the console)

Updates to Inside the Xbox 360 Elite Part 3 re: noise production

04/23/07  Inside the Xbox 360 Elite Part 3 added.  The last of the items we wanted to address with our look at the elite noise production, heat production, and power consumption. 

4/20/07 Inside the Xbox 360 Elite Part 2 added.  More high resolution shots of the bottom, even a close-up of the processor connections on the bottom.  I've heard some positive feedback on the animated gif's so here are a couple more, try not to get too mesmerized by them. 

04/19/07 Xbox 360 Elite hits store shelves TODAY!  By all reports this is 10 days early.  We picked up two of them at the local Wal-Mart.  You can read similar stories on the ones that have already hit eBay as well.  Of course the first thing we had to do was tear it apart.  Check our write up of Inside the Xbox 360 Elite.  Some interesting changes of course the new 120GB hard drive by Fujitsu, a new Hana video encoder to support HDMI, but the most surprising to us is a change possibly made to help resolve the 3 red light error.  I would love to have been a fly on the wall at that meeting.  "Yes you heard me right I said glue the damn things down!"

04/06/07 Updates to 360 disassembly tutorial

04/04/07  Manual Eject for 360 DVD drives.  From time to time you may find yourself with an Xbox 360 that will no longer power on or eject properly with an all important game stuck in the drive.  Here is a quick solution to retrieving it without the need to void your warranty by opening your console.

We have also updated the Xbox 360 DVD Drive Comparison page to include the latest drive found in the Xbox 360; the BENQ VAD6038.

04/02/07  XCM XFPS 360's are in stock.  Pre-orders have been filled and they are shipping next day.

Pwn like a PC gamer on your Xbox 360 with the XCM XFPS 360 Keyboard and Mouse adapter.  Gain the upper hand against the slow and clunky controller wielding players on your favorite first person shooter.

Get yours here!

03/30/07  We have added a very limited quantity of the sought after Samsung SH-D162C DVD drive to our stock.

These are the drives lots of folks are after.  They are compatible with the Kreon modded firmware which adds support for Xbox 360 media.  These drives come supplied with the stock TS04 firmware. 

03/29/07  It has been too long since our last update on the news page here at Llamma.  We have added a lot of new items to the shopping cart since. 

  Xeno Top Gear
  The Xeno Top Gear eliminates the need to disassemble your Xbox 360 completely in order to re-flash your DVD firmware or connect your Xbox 360 DVD drive to your PC for data dumps.  This product is very similar to the Xecuter Blaster 360 in functionality.  Click here for more info.

   Xtender XCM 360 Smoke Black and Ruby Red now in stock!
  Team Xtenders latest additions to the XCM 360 product line have finally arrived at Llamma.  We have been eagerly awaiting the Ruby Red and Smoke black to round out the color pallete.  The red is a very sexy shade of a blood red and the black is dark glossy mysterious almost sleeper black.  In middle to low light situations the smoke appears to be a solid gloss black.  Add some lighting effects inside and watch it come alive.  If you dont want the matte look of the Black Knight then the Smoke is the choice for you.  Click here for more info. 

  New XCM Xbox 360 Wireless lighted controller cases are now available.

Smooth Black, Sexy Red and Crystal Apple Green are welcome new additions to the XCM Xbox 360 Wireless controller shell lineup.  The Smooth Black and Sexy Red sport a rubberized finish thats hard to let go of.  The crystal apple green is well; crystal and apple green like a apple Jolly Rancher.  With Lighted ABXY, back and start, guide button AND RB and LB buttons its sure to light up your life  Convenient switch allows you to disable the lights if you like.  The XCM lighted controller shells require a quite easy 3 solder point installation.  Llamma offers pre-modded controllers and controller shell installation for those who are not comfortable with soldering or just want to Get 'er Done!  Check out the installation service here or pre-modded controllers here.

  XCM High Speed Air Cooler Add-on fan
  Add some extra airflow to your High Speed Air cooler kit with this plug and play add-on fan.  Features blue LED's to add a little more glow.

Available here.

Talismoon DVD Linker replacement Xbox 360 DVD Power and SATA cables
Do you have a damaged, lost or stolen DVD power and sata cable?  The Talismoon DVD linker aftermarket replacement cables are just like the OEM cable and inexpensive too.

Available here.

09/27/06  A few new 360 products have arrived at Llamma.

Talismoon MiniSpy Hard Drive Adapter
Talismoon Energyzer for Xbox 360
Xeno 360 Connectivity Kit
Talismoon Whisper Fans in Blue, Red, and Green

Coming In a While: (ETA 11/8/06)
Xtender 360 Chrome Controller Cases, wired and wireless with Lighting!
Xtender HD DVD kit (Hitachi DVD drive window)

09/26/06 How to fry your Xecuter 360 Connectivity Kit.  We had a complaint from one of our customers about a problem with their Xecuter 360 Connectivity kit, when they sent it in for replacement we dug a little deeper to find the cause of the issue.  Although the DVD power cables are keyed it is possible to install them reversed in the socket.  We put our test board up on the chopping block and shot some video.  We marked the tabs with purple marker to show which side is the keyed side on the connector.  Notice that it will go in the wrong way with only a little extra effort to push it in.  With a couple trace repairs both our test chip and the one from our customer were back in action.  This is just a word of warning double check those cables before powering up the PC!  

09/25/06 Custom Etching now available on our XCM 360 cases or whatever else you like.

082806 023.jpg (145714 bytes) 09/13/06  XCM Xbox 360 Case Review.   We assembled one of each color for some photos and close-ups to try to illustrate the quality of the cases as well as show off some immaculate chrome.  We also did a bit of painting on the chrome and came up with a nice royal blue candy chrome.  Read Full Article Here

080806 010.jpg (77256 bytes) 08/24/06 RockStar Games has requested another custom 360 based on their Table Tennis game.  This time Llamma did two boxes one will go to the developers, the other will be on display and will be given away by RockStar at this weekends Penny Arcade Expo   Be sure to check out our Stock To Rock article that goes over the process we used to make this box. 

Feel free to discuss in our forums

08/24/06 Our XCM Xbox 360 Complete cases arrived today.  We love the Chrome one and can cut any of them with our custom cuts service.  As always we never take pre-orders its in the cart tonight and we ship it tomorrow.  Choose from Black Knight, Halo Green, Diamond Clear, Champagne Gold, and Ocean Blue.

07/25/06 Llamma's Summer Sale going in full force $59 Samsung drives for original Xbox as well as many PSP and 360 accessories

06/29/06 Just file this one under 360 trivia.  The O in Xbox is a separate piece on the 360 case.

06/12/06 Updates to Xbox 360 error codes

05/21/06 How to wire your Xbox 360 fan for 12V by ClickClick 5

05/03/06 A new fully customized Llamma Edition Xbox has been completed.  We are proud to announce The RockStar Box.  After seeing our R1 Blue 360 link RockStar games contacted us to get one done to showcase some of their new games.  We wanted to do our best to capture the whole RockStar Image in a console... you be the judge did we do it?  This has been several months in the making and we are pleased with the result.  If you are a member of the media you might even get a first hand look at it in the RS meeting room at E3.  But for now everyone can read our article about what was done and to see a full barrage of photos.  Full Article Here

Discuss in the Llamma Forums

05/03/06 Updated Ring of Light tutorial with pics.

05/02/06 Xbox 360 Error Codes Updated with info from Xbox-Scene forums.  Thanks to twistedsymphony for putting these together.

03/27/06 - TeamXtender XCM360 Xbox 360 faceplates have arrived at Llamma.  They are very nice looking and will make a great addition to your Xbox 360 customizations.  All five of the Pack 1 colors for Xbox 360 in stock.  

03/05/06 Documentation Update Submitted by Peter Tribe - Peter updated documentation for creating a Xbox 360 to VGA connector based upon soflife’s blog. His version is to be inline with the XBOX 360 Motherboard Headers and Connector V1.4 documentation  some confusion was being caused by how the pins were numbered differently.  (Both documents have been added to the documentation section of the 360 Mods Page

03/03/06 GamersReports has a tutorial up showing us how to convert an arcade style game deck for use with a 360

022806 016.jpg (13116 bytes) 02/28/06  New sticker on the current round of 360's "! Do not move console with disc in tray" this warning was found on a core system that included a new Samsung Drive.  Smartly you cannot open the drive without removing the sticker... I guess we're all learning ;-)  Just incase you missed it this is why you don't want to move your console.

02/28/06  New DVD drive discovered in Xbox 360's.  Submission and photos thanks to pollio12.  Xbox 360 DVD Drive Comparison 

12062005360dvd.jpg (17503 bytes) This picture is of a second DVD drive in the Xbox 360, mfg date of the Xbox is Dec 6 2005.  The manufacturer of this drive is Toshiba Samsung, the model of the drive is TS-H943
11282005360dvd.jpg (24652 bytes) This is the older Hitachi DVD drive which is from the launch boxes with mfg date of Nov 28 2005

02/09/06 Surf the internet from your Xbox 360... well from your Media Center PC, but you get to see it on your 360 and use the media center remote to control it, cool stuff.  News via GamersReports.com

02/03/06  I search eBay for modded 360 from time to time, to day I found one I think this one deserves a link.  Great Job Modwerx!

01/25/06 We had a positive evening, two mods we had been stuck on are now working!  We have a PSP that has LED's that turn on and off based on the existing power indicator LED

Also we found the solution to allowing a 360 wireless controller to work with blue LED's.  The answer is simpler than we thought... just re-assemble it, the battery pack has a switch of sorts in it!  We are expecting to do some major updates to our controller wiring tutorial soon.

   012406 032.jpg (9173 bytes)  012406 068.jpg (20609 bytes)

12/28/05 Xbox 360 imbedded in Nissan concept car. (Yahoo news)  It uses the actual pedals and steering wheel of the car to control PGR3 (Project Gotham Racing 3)  Channel4.com has a photo gallery that contains shots of the 360 in the trunk and the 360 logo on the fold away screen.

12/28/05 Xbox 360 running a hot swapped backup game disc!  A report came Monday of someone hot swapping a game disc for a backup disc of a 360 game.  The news was originally translated from French and reported on MaxConsole.  Today we got a link to a video showing someone actually successfully performing a hot swap.  Here is a link to the video.
This has some interesting implications firstly at least some of the 360 disc images floating around the net are accurate representations of the original disc.  Also it implies that the check for "signed code" happens shortly after the original disc is inserted and it does not seem to check once the application has loaded.  This looks to be the start of a new era of homebrew hacking on the 360! (thanks to youngstar2k4 and Pete for the info)

This is a different method of booting non Microsoft media in the 360 than what was reported on XboxScene.com yesterday regarding images of the Kiosk demo disc.

12/26/05 For those Geometry Wars fans out there Strykers 2.1 million score video that was briefly available on Joystiq has resurfaced on Google Videos This is a highly addictive game and no one who has ever played it will say it is easy!

12/25/05 Xbox 360 installed in a car www.mechatroniks.com

"The Xbox 360 is awesome and I decided to install it in my car this weekend. For the holidays I'll be making a road trip up to San Francisco and rather than leave it at home, I figured I'd get some good gaming in on the road...
If you see me on the 5 north on Dec 23rd, I'll be in the passenger seat playing Xbox and my wife will be driving."

12/24/05 Happy Holidays!  Llamma will be closed on Monday back on Tuesday!

A quick tip for adding your gamer card signature to a webpage, check out http://mygamercard.net/

12/22/05 Hoax? - Xbox 360 Hacked to play backup discs!?   We received a link to a video which appears to show someone using a hacked PSP to deliver some sort of overflow or file to the 360 which then allows allows a burnt disc to play from the DVD drive.  The more I watch the video  the more I am convinced it is a fake.  But I guess they got my attention and if I wasted my time repeatedly watching the video I will probably waste a little more to see what they are promising is coming out on the 28th.  If anyone can read the text in the double smiley face logo and point me to the group/site claming responsibility for this "hack" I would appreciate the info. -Llamma

Update 12/24/05 Info from Lice_01 Here is a translation of what was under the 2 smiley faces in the video  It's Japanese & it means: Oita Support (Group) for bringing up children. (Oita is the name of a place in Kyushu, Japan.)

12/21/05 Mod Tutorials Updated - "jeremydammit" has posted a few interesting tutorials on adding extra buttons to the Xbox 360 Controller on Xbox-Scene forums and was kind enough to allow us to repost them here.  Added to the Xbox 360 Mods Page

12/19/05 Interesting tidbit.  All Your Base Are Belong To Us!  We have often used the term just knowing its basic trash talk meaning to be "we kicked your but".  Tonight we dug a little deeper and found where it all came from and another entertaining video!  It comes from a poorly translated intro on a Genesis game "Zero Wing".  Now it has become part of the popular culture surrounding gaming.

12/17/05 The Atari-Xbox 3600: A Retro Mod for Your Next-Gen Gaming System. InformIT.com has posted an amusing case mod for the Xbox 360.  How to gut an Atari 2600 and implant the pieces/parts of the Xbox 360 to create the Atari-Xbox 3600.  Its not really pretty, or practical, or probably safe for that matter, but its worth checking out.

12/17/05 Weekend update to Xbox 360 cheats page Thanks to all that contributed Gamestationx360, Sp3cial K, Ian, hack_bird, chopsuey210, and buck foo!

12/17/05 We have noticed several auctions for Modded Xbox 360's on eBay there is some good looking stuff and some crazy stuff out there!
Some specific ones to check out

A Local guy's Red one (some of our parts in there, those matching red heat sinks were out of my personal stash!) The image “file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Llamma/Desktop/74_2.JPG” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.  A Llamma-esque blue one
Water Cooled 360 The image “file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Llamma/Desktop/16_2.JPG” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Even a green one!

The above are not Llamma mods we do not endorse the quality of the mods nor the reliability of the sellers.

12/08/05  Interesting tidbit...  you can plug a USB hub into a 360, connect four wired controllers and...what do you know all the controllers work! More Here

12/07/05 Several updates to cheats page thanks Gamestationx360

12/06/05 Llamma Fix for Xbox 360 Game Scratching!.  A few hunks of foam rubber did the job!   it still can make some nasty noises if you abuse like we do in the video but now those are the sounds of the disc top hitting rubber rather than the disc getting etched by the laser pickup.  (even a video with no cuts for those disbelievers out there)
 Full Article Here

12/05/05 CrackerJack(cjack) from darkmoon.org did some hard core soldering on a core and premium bundle over the weekend.  He found some interesting information about the TSOP and EEPROM.  One TSOP could be swapped for another in one circumstance and not the other.  The EEPROM was not even necessary to be present for the box to function normally in one case.  The DVD also appears to be locked to the console in some fashion as his tests provided error screens when in one box as apposed to the other.
News via Xbox-Scene click here for full article

12/04/05  DM from GamersReports.com did up a nice write up on the headset wiring for the 360. Reposted with permission on the Xbox 360 Mods Page.

12/02/05  Many users are experiencing game disc scratching while a game is in their Xbox 360.  The Llamma team had a couple first hand experiences with some game disc scratches.  Two Call of Duty 2's were damaged when gently moving from a vertical to horizontal stance. We were surprised at how easily scratches can occur. 

We did a couple intentional tests and have a video to show for it.  It turns out if you paint the high spots of the drive and make it scratch the disc some more you can figure out what part is actually scratching the disc.  Full article here 

According to GameShout.com Microsoft says they will not be replacing damaged discs.  Microsoft does warn us on page 11 of volume 1 setup "Remove the disc before moving the console or tilting it between horizontal and vertical positions" 

11/30/05 The response to the 360 mod has been amazing, thanks for all the support out there!  We are expecting a heavy day of traffic and have temporarily removed our video tutorial downloads due to bandwidth concerns.  We have received many requests and I thought I should mention that we are not offering 360 modding service at this time.  With as busy as the holiday season can be we will be working to put a small amount of custom modded boxes out on eBay, the one in the photos below will be listed at 7PM CST today.. (click here)  We'd love to keep this one but its better it be put to a better use than decorating the shelves here.  And hey, it will be fun to do up another one.

11/30/05 We posted a quick article on how to use Laptop Hard drive and USB connectivity with an Xbox 360.  The trick is formatting FAT32 on a drive larger than 32GB.

11/29/05 Bling, bling, what an amazing thing... Is that a laptop hard drive in there? 

We have spent quite a bit of time on this one and got through a good cross section of mods.  Some for looks, performance, and capacity.  Its been a productive 7 days.

Window mod
4" cold cathode
12V fan mod (increase air flow)
Silver and blue paint scheme
Blue ring of light
60GB laptop drive upgrade (this is in addition to the 20GB normal 360 drive both can be accessed from the dashboard and the upgrade drive can be updated with media from a PC)

112905 098.jpg (43883 bytes) As usual there will be tutorials for all of the mods done located in our Xbox 360 Mods area.

You can read more about the creation of this baby here.


11/22/05  Just took a couple of pictures of the Xbox 360 universal remote and controller painted with Yamaha R1 paint.  If only the picture showed how sexy it is in real life.  Soon there will be a 360 to match it :)

11/21/05 Just to let everyone know we are on it I thought I'd get a pic up.  More to come in the next hours.  You can make a 360 IR controller blue replacing GET THIS 20 surface mount LED's.  We used the same method as in our 360 wired controller mod.

11/21/05 Xbox and Ipod found to be compatible. (News via Joystiq.com)

11/20/05 Xbox 360 Video cable pinout found on softlife.blogspot.com Also reposted with permission on the Xbox 360 mod page

11/18/05 AnnandTech's first look at opening an Xbox 360.  We plan to follow up with our own step by step tutorial on opening an Xbox 360 but theirs is great information to start from! (news via xbox-scene.com)

11/13/05 Xbox 360 Controller Mod III  - Yep we're digging deep into the controller mod bag and shaking out the last of 'em, We've done lighting the dome, lighting the back and start, southpaw controls, inverted controls... What's left? Can we possibly add more lights?  Well of course we can add more lights!  Lets do the ABXY buttons!  That's a total of 10 3mm LED's plus the four surface mount ones that are already there for a total of 14.  I'm getting pretty tired of 360 controller mods, this will be the last one save for any updates necessary for the wireless controller on the 22nd. 

11/12/05 Microsoft announces 200 titles for the backward compatibility list.  Notably none of the games with published exploits  (Mech Assault, 007 Agent Under Fire, Splinter Cell) are included in the list.  Discuss in Forums

11/09/05 - LED lighted back and start buttons are ready!
- The Llamma's are done perfecting our new Xbox 360 controller mod; molded LED back and start buttons.  These are sure to fit perfectly because they are molded from the original button.  With a LED of your favorite color molded right into the plastic you get a nice even glow that finishes the whole lighted controller package.


- They are available in our shopping cart here.

- Installation of the buttons will be added to the lighting the 360 controller tutorial.

11/8/05  Xbox 360 Controller Southpaw modification, We've received a few mails expressing interest in this subject and we are pleased to announce that the Southpaw mod is possible.  We have successfully swapped the thumbsticks on an original 360 wired controller and retain full functionality. 

11/06/05 Rumors of limited availability for the 360 release have been circulating rapidly.  Some people with pre-orders have reportedly been told they will not have a console coming in the first allotment.  See the article at Xbox-Scene.com Now my question, Is this for real?  Please visit our forum and take the survey if you have any input on this from first hand experience. 

11/01/05 Xbox 360 Controller to Original S-Type controller comparison.  What's new what's the same?  With the 360 coming soon we here at Llamma are quite excited and so far we have only a 360 controller to play with, but we are making the most of it.  After a 360 controller mod, and a general disassembly tutorial, we have gotten pretty familiar with this new controller. Now we are taking an in-depth look at the internals and comparing the 360 controller with the original s-type side by side.  

10/31/05 Happy Halloween!  Its all treats here at Llamma.  We've got a video camera to aid in our descriptions and kind of step it up a notch for the 360. I'm new to video editing so take it easy on us; the quality will only improve as we learn.  Opening a controller is pretty straight forward and barely needs a tutorial but we did it anyway as a exercise in filming and editing.
Opening a 360 Controller 2MB
Installing SMD LED's 5MB
Red 360 Controller 1MB

10/28/05  A more detailed how to tutorial on lighting the 360 controller

102805 164.jpg (15297 bytes)

10/28/05  Here's the next chapter in Llamma's Xbox 360 controller mod tutorial.  Apparently there are some people who missed the last four years and are skeptical of a relatively easy mod..  chapter two should give the photoshop conspiracy theorist some new material.  Video Red 360 Controller 1MB

In the next few days the third chapter in the Xbox 360 lighted controller mod tutorial will be completed.  At that point we will have all of the footage for the complete tutorial and it will be posted soon after.

10/25/05 Controller Disassembly and general LED wiring tutorial

10/24/05  Llamma's first Xbox 360 mod is completed and we are very pleased.  Take a look at the first blue lighted Xbox 360 button controller around; with blue status LED's as well.  I was surprised that the actual xbox jewel/360 button was not lit up in any fashion right from the box. Instead four led's surround the jewel to indicate which player/port you are; but they don't really light up the 360 button very well.  Also the four led's are only on when you first plug it in, then only one will stay illuminated to show what player you are.  This really eliminates any of the light the button may have been picking up when all four were on :(

  We'll we can change that ;)  Out with the old green..


In with the new blue!!

Adding four 3mm blue led's rigged up inside the 360 button gives it a beautiful glow.. so much more sexy than it was..mmmmm!  The Llamma doesn't stop there though folks, cuz at Llamma it's always ON!  Changing the green port/status led's to blue is a must!  This proved to be a two person job on this one because they are freakin tiny surface mount led's.  With us both sporting an iron we could safely lift the old green ones off to make room for the blue.  You can expect the Llamma to have all the supplies needed for this mod as well as a tutorial soon!  If you just plain don't care to try to solder super tiny led's go through all the rest of the mumbo jumbo you can purchase pre-modded lighted xbox 360 controllers in our shopping cart.


10/22/05 The first Xbox 360 product hit the shelves yesterday.  We found the Xbox 360 wired controller to be available for purchase at Best Buy at an inflated $44.99 (Suggested retail is $39.99)  We were told by an employee that each store only got about five controllers initially.  Providing even a small quantity to all the Best Buy stores across the country makes this Microsoft press release true. 

The idea of releasing this product one month before the consoles release is presumably both to emphasize the PC compatibility and probably also just to create a little more buzz about the 360.

At first glance-

"Duke"/Large controller fans will not be impressed.  The controller appears to be only slightly smaller in size than the s-type but yet it seems a little too small, fingers overlap buttons a little.  Two additional buttons above the triggers seem a little awkward at first but they seem to click on micro switches like a mouse button so it is possible to click with the same finger pulling the trigger without dedicating a finger to each of them.  It will take a real gaming session to find out how it performs.

Is it backwards compatible with the original Xbox?  No definitely not.  The dongle has a similar break away as with the original controllers but the connector is incompatible with the old dongle.  Undaunted we connected a USB A female to Xbox controller port adapter and still no connection on an Xbox. 

PC usability-

Windows XP home edition on a Dell XPS laptop.  I throw in the software installer disc first like it says on the sticker covering the USB plug.  Run the install, plug er in everything looks good.  Boot up Unreal Tournament 2004 turn on joystick control, start join an online game and I can move, jump, shoot, switch, weapons... but my aim slowly drifts down and to the left until I am looking at the floor and spinning in a circle... slowly.  So I guess they don't have all the bugs worked out for PC usability or UT2004 just doesn't handle it.  I don't care anyway I'm not planning to use it on a PC.

When first connected to the PC you will see the middle Xbox 360 dome light green behind it.  Well, that looks interesting... I wonder if we can change the color?  It will be tough, there are 4 surface mount tiny tiny LED's one for each of the for controller numbers apparently to show which is which.  (corresponding numbers around the dome)

 We tore it apart and found a couple updates to the original design, cantilever style triggers, and of course the addition of the upper trigger buttons.  The wires in the controller now conform to the USB standard colors of black, red, green, and white and no longer include an unused yellow wire.  Something familiar did show itself in the same design of analog stick inputs since the original, no need to mess with a good thing.  Both rumble motors are now the same size and only the size of the weights differ. More photos to come.


-The Llamma



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