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Xbox 360 Video Pinout Updated

  03/05/06 Documentation Update Submitted by Peter Tribe - "I have created the attached documentation for creating a xbox 360 to VGA connector based upon soflife’s blog (http://softlife.blogspot.com/2005/11/xbox-360-on-viagra-vga.html ). I created this version of to be inline with the XBOX 360 Motherboard Headers and Connector V1.4 documentation (http://dwl.xbox-scene.com/tutorial/Xbox_360-HandC-V1_4.pdf) as it appeared that some confusion was being caused by how the pins were numbered differently." 

The following information is reposted at Llamma with permission from the author Michael Mattsson.  Please check out his site for the original document, it can be found HERE the doucment was originally posted 11/18/05 and re-posted here 11/21/05

Xbox 360 on ViaGrA (VGA)

Since getting the xbox 360, I've had it hooked up to my old 27" RCA standard def TV. I believe the TV model is an RCA Crapola.

So I undertook to hook it up to a computer monitor (a 21" Samtron) where at least I could get some decent resolution.

I took the cable that came with the Xbox360 and spliced it to an old VGA extender cable I had laying around.

here's the pic of the Xbox360 pinouts:

(note: my photoshop skills sucketh)

armed with the the pinouts, you can easily connect the Xbox360 the your computer monitor.

Xbox Connector:
2 - *ground
5 - to VGA pin 15
8 - to your Audio Out (Right channel)
9 - *ground
10 - to VGA pin 13
11 - *ground
14 - to VGA pin 1
15 - *ground
21 - link to 22
22 - link to 21
23 - to your Audio Out (Left channel)
24 - *ground
25 - to VGA pin 14
26 - *ground
27 - to VGA pin 3
28 - *ground
29 - to VGA pin 2
30 - *ground

* - connect all ground together

VGA Connector:
1 - to xbox360 pin 14
2 - to xbox360 pin 29
3 - to xbox360 pin 27
5 - *ground
6 - *ground
7 - *ground
8 - *ground
10 - *ground
13 - to xbox360 pin 10
14 - to xbox360 pin 25
15 - to xbox360 pin 5

* - connect all ground together


-Paul Mattsson

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