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Llamma's Xbox 360 Mods Page

As always we are are on the lookout for the best in Xbox 360 modification opportunities.  We will continue to update our readers with new and unique products, and modifications.  Make your 360 yours and get the most out of your hardware.  What is to come will largely be up to the community the more we all put in the more we all get out of it.  We look forward to a new era of Xbox 360 mods and will continue to work to be a top, one stop repair and modification site.

  Xbox 360 Slim Console Mods
360 Slim Game Changer


  Xbox 360 Console Mods
How to change the color of the LED's in  ring of light on the Xbox 360 faceplate.(Updated 02/04/12)
Add some storage capacity to your Xbox 360 and allow you to use your own music and photos.
How to Adapt a PC power supply for use with an Xbox 360

How to Internalize your Xbox 360 Hard Drive

How to swap LED's in a Talismoon Fan
  Xbox 360 Controller Mods
Xbox 360 Controller LED Mod (Published 10/28/05 Updated 11/13/05)
Xbox 360 wired controller southpaw mod (swap thumbsticks permanently) (Published 11/08/05)
IPB Image Adding extra buttons to the Xbox 360 Controller (Published 12/21/05)
Xbox 360 to S type controller comparison
XCM 360 Controller Shell Installation Instructions (Updated 06/09/08)
  General Disassembly Information
Xbox 360 Complete Disassembly Tutorial for Opening an Xbox 360 case (Updated 04/06/07)
11/17/10  A little secret to opening a 360 slim case
360HDDVD 032.jpg (56563 bytes)  Xbox 360 HD DVD drive disassembly tutorial (Posted: 05/02/07)
  General Wiring and Documentation
03/05/08 We have seen an update to the original whisper fans and the addition of the new whisper MAX.  So we put up some info on the new adapters that are included as well as a few points of interest in fan connector and wiring options for HDMI 1.2 consoles vs the launch 1.0 consoles and all the Talismoon lighting products that are available. 
How to wire LED's (Published 10/24/05 )
Video Connector Pinout  (Published 11/21/05 Updated 03/06/06)
Controller Headset Wiring Diagram (Published 12/04/05)
XBOX 360 Motherboard Headers and Connector V1.4 documentation (Posted 03/15/06)














Llamma.com is a place to find xbox 360 modification, mods, modchips, tools, parts and supplies.  We specialize in xbox modding with a focus on quality and detail.  Our goal is to make all the difficult to understand technical information more readily available to the average modder. 

Xbox 360 3 Red Light Repair Kit

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Microsoft, Xbox, and the Xbox logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp.  Llamma.com and Xbox-Repair.net are in no way affiliated with Microsoft.  All references to Modchips, Linux and any other forms of xbox modifications are done for the purpose of writing and testing interoperable software as allowed under Sect. 1201 (f) Reverse Engineering exception of the DMCA.  This site does not condone the illegal copying of games.  All advice/information is provided as is without warranty to accuracy. Do not consider any comments as legal advice, I am not a lawyer. All references to Mod chips should be taken as hypothetical in nature, actually installing a mod chip may be illegal. In simple terms don't sue me if you mess up on your own or with my help. Make your own decisions do the research determine what is legal and what is not, I take no responsibility for your actions.  
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