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Llamma Edition Custom Xbox 360 Mod Console
Painted by Llamma.com
RockStar Games

This Xbox 360 mod has been some months in the making.  We painted our previous custom 360 in the janitors closet; less than ideal conditions for a flawless paint job but we pulled that one off.  To do a 3 color complex logo paint job we knew we needed a more controlled environment and we have now built a paint booth.  To make Perfect Window Cuts we also sourced and built various other tools to make this X-box 360 possible.  From cut to paint we needed to make sure it is all tip top and I dare say we have outdone any of our previous mods with this one.   

The paint used is PPG auto body grade base coat and clear coats two stage system.  This type of paint requires mixing hardener and applying via an HVLP spray gun, using $50 a pint paint means an impeccable finish, hard like that of a car, no you wont be scratching the paint off with a fingernail.  (Strong like bull!!) We used a brilliant silver metal flake, orange pearlescent , and black base coats.  Then all the base coats were topped off with premium PPG clear for a new shinny wet-look finish.

Every piece of two controllers was custom painted including the triggers and shoulder buttons.  The RockStar Logo was a multi layer process; first black then a mask then the whole face painted silver.  Once dry, the mask was removed revealing the black logo.  Clear coat was then applied over the entire controller.   Orange surface mount LED's and matching orange LED illuminated , rumble activated back and start buttons were added.  Also to pick up the black color of our theme we used original Xbox thumbsticks and D-pad to tie it all together. 
The DVD lid was cut with a window so you can see your Xbox 360 games in the drive, we then sent the lid and 360 chassis to a local custom chroming shop.  Yep, these were right in the caustic tubs of magic acid baths etc that allowed them to be chrome plated right along side with handle bars, foot pegs, and exhaust for motorcycles on their way to the Donnie Smith motorcycle show
To give a more  3 dimensional appearance to the logo we cut the star into the case.  This shows off the chrome of the chassis especially since it is lit with some white LED's.  Cutting this star was a tedious and manual process to achieve straight lines and maintain perfect proportions.  We used; files, sandpaper, fingernail files, X-Acto blades, and anything else that we could get our hands on to make a perfect cut.  We then used the cutout star to align various masks of of the RockStar logo and reproduced it with a three step painting masking process. 

We cut a window with jewel hole on the top of the lid using design #2 of our Perfect Cuts process to allow us to install any one of the existing Mad Modder Jewels.  Again with the white LED's we illuminated the RockStar coat of arms jewel that was custom made for this project by Mad Modder.  Using black vinyl we backed the jewel to produce a crisp high contrast black and white image.

The faceplate was painted with a double racing stripe to bring some of the orange color into the front and give it a bit of a dub edition look.  We also robbed another faceplate of its black power button to bring a little more black into the faceplate.
Note on the top of the hard drive caddy we etched in a sandblasted logo and Llamma.com so you know ... "Llamma's in da house!"
One of the mods you cannot see is our variable fan controller.  This allows us to dial in the fan speed under 12V but well above the stock 5.4V.  We seem to like around 8V best for overall fan performance while keeping the system quiet.


- The JT

- The Llamma

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