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Refurbishing the Xbox 360 DVD Drive
(to protect against scratched discs)

Foam rubber pad kit now available!

We found that if we added a foam rubber pad on the opposite side of the laser we could prevent the damage that would otherwise occur. Notice the arc near the top of the rubber pad in this photo?  That is where the DVD now hits when we quickly tip it from a vertical to horizontal position.  See our prior article for further details


The pad restricts the upward movement of the disc on one side of the pivot point and in turn restricts the downward movement on the other side of the pivot point.

We did a little digging to see what the lids of old drives look like (the HL360 drive has the rubber pad because we put them there)


Notice only the Thomson includes the rubber bumpers to protect the disc.

In this shot of the HL 360 lid below we can see the three black pads.  The two pads across from each other should be installed about a half inch further out from the ring to optimize performance. 

With the 3 foam rubber pads from the Thomson in place we now are unable to scratch up the disc.   I'm so confident I will insert the real quake 4 disc rather than the demo disc as

Video prior to pad installation

Video after pad Installation

Similar but softer buzz sound, but not the dramatic buzz saw we had earlier.  What do you know, no scratches!

Updated 12/07/05 04:48:

A better photo to go by for proper placement of the pads.

The fourth pad is taller than the metal bump in the lid, this serves to significantly quiet the noise from the drive (when moving it around).  Notice the width of the center pads, it is important to move them out to the edge of the tin so they will contact the disc sooner.  I should also note that I tried this with a single pad at the front and we were able to scratch the disc.  With the addition of the side pads at the width above I was unable to scratch a disc.

Foam rubber pad kit now available!




Xbox 360 3 Red Light Repair Kit

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