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Xbox 360 Disassembly Tutorial
Xbox 360 Case Replacement

 Copyright Notice: All rights reserved Copyright 2005 Llamma Corp.  This document and associated photos and all content at llamma.com may not be reproduced without written permission from the author(s).  This means you may not re-post at another site, sell these documents on eBay or reproduce in any form.  Our articles are written with the intention of them being read at our site.  Feel free to link and use any one photo from any of our articles for the purpose of linking. 

How to tutorial on opening an Xbox 360: Crack Open that Xbox 360

Several opening Xbox 360 tutorials are already out there ( link 1 link 2 link 3 link 4).  As always we wait until we have something intelligent to say on a subject before doing up a tutorial.  We have now opened and reassembled many 360's and will go over the process we use to open  and re-assemble them.  The thing to remember is when you do it right it just pops apart, never pry or you will be very disappointed with the results. 

For this tutorial we will be using an Xbox 360 Case opening tool

Xbox 360 Unlock Kit - Xbox 360 Case Opening Tool

The 360 Case opening tool offers both the torx 10 driver needed to remove the lid and the T8 on the other end of the L key to remove the ring of light board.  The other piece is an ingenious metal tab device that allows you to easily release the plastic clips on the back of the 360, and a poker to release the clips holding the top and bottom vent covers.  This tool can be replaced with a small screwdriver, see above external tutorial links for details on that process.

First things first remove the faceplate.  If you skip this step and go on to removing the top and bottom plates you will find they can be removed but you greatly increase the difficulty and chances of breaking the little tabs off the top and bottom plates.  The easiest way to remove the face is to use the finger hole at the bottom of the console and simply pull forward.  (In this photo the Xbox is upside down)
Give her a good tug and pop!
360Dissassembly 006.jpg (22840 bytes) Starting with the gray bottom vent plate, six tabs that hold it into place.  You will find that all of them are accessible from the sides through the vent holes.  Gently pull up on the plate and simultaneously release the clips by pushing in with the opening tool or other tool that fits through the hole.
360Dissassembly 009.jpg (24324 bytes) Start at the front of the case and work your way back alternating sides so each pair of tabs are released.
360Dissassembly 011.jpg (21202 bytes) Keep gentle pressure to pull it up and away as you go
360Dissassembly 013.jpg (31562 bytes) The top plate offers a bit more of a challenge 3 of the six tabs are not in plain sight, begin with the front two, they can be accessed from the two corresponding holes where the drive tray connects.  The opening tool has a cut out so it fits just right to reach the two clips.
360Dissassembly 015.jpg (55820 bytes) The next two are visible through the vent holes and easily accessible.
360Dissassembly 020.jpg (45717 bytes) The final tab can be released by removing one of the Xbox feet at the rear to reveal a hole
360Dissassembly 025.jpg (44884 bytes) With the top and bottom vent covers removed we now lay the xbox down upside down.  This makes the process much easier as the chassis is screwed to the top.  With the bottom shell, (the one with the feet) pointing toward the sky we see these innocent looking 7 little holes.
360Dissassembly 027.jpg (32066 bytes) This is where the opening tool really comes into play.  When releasing the clips I find it helpful to spread the case with my thumb and forefinger, then position the tool so the tool lines up with the two holes by the power cord. 
360Dissassembly 028.jpg (17032 bytes) Press in on the tool, you should hear crisp clicks as the clips release and the case should pop open a bit.
360Dissassembly 030.jpg (17343 bytes) Continue to spread the case apart and push in on the vent area, there are a couple more spots where the case connects but these are not clips and do not require the tool.  When you press in nothing too impressive will happen but you may notice that the case spreads slightly further apart. 
360Dissassembly 031.jpg (15459 bytes) Then flip the tool around and line up the 5 tabs with the corresponding holes.  Continue spreading the case apart from the right side and press the tool in. 
360Dissassembly 033.jpg (17653 bytes) You should hear a series of more click clicks and the case is free.  Spread the back apart a couple inches it should be able to rest open while you spin it around to work on the front
360Dissassembly 034.jpg (15164 bytes) Beginning with the front clip nearest the DVD drive a fingernail will suffice as an opening tool.  A little pressure spreading the lid apart and it should pop right open
360Dissassembly 035.jpg (14769 bytes) same with the next clips
360Dissassembly 037.jpg (17894 bytes) and the last
360Dissassembly 046.jpg (231224 bytes) Lift the lid and ta-da a steel chassis presents itself, in this photo the six screws that need to be removed are circled.  You should be very proud at this point shout to anyone that will listen "I got the thing open!"  Okay now settle down and remove those six screws with a torx 10 driver.
360Dissassembly 050.jpg (13895 bytes) Flip it back right side up but before yanking the other half of the case off remove the eject button.  Just jamb a fingernail under the right hand side and give a yank it will pop out.  You can wiggle the case around and get it off without removing this but the chance of damage drops to zero if you already took it off.
360Dissassembly 054.jpg (18688 bytes) Lift the lid and there we go!  This is another good time for shouting to anyone in the room... use your best judgment.
360Dissassembly 056.jpg (30476 bytes) You should now have a plie of parts that looks something like this.



Xbox 360 3 Red Light Repair Kit

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