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Xbox 360 HD DVD drive disassembly tutorial

 Copyright Notice: All rights reserved Copyright 2005 Llamma Corp.  This document and associated photos and all content at llamma.com may not be reproduced without written permission from the author(s).  This means you may not re-post at another site, sell these documents on eBay or reproduce in any form.  Our articles are written with the intention of them being read at our site.  Feel free to link and use any one photo from any of our articles for the purpose of linking. 

The Llamma's have had the opportunity to open a couple 360 HD DVD drives so we thought we would share what we have learned about their disassembly.  We put together this little how-to tutorial for opening a 360 HD DVD drive for your reading pleasure. 

Torx 10

360HDDVD 004.jpg (18487 bytes) Starting out we have an unsuspecting HD DVD drive.  It sits calmly as we eye it up.
360HDDVD 006.jpg (18528 bytes) We flip it around to the back and notice a nice lip on the faceplate we can sink our fingers into.  (right side in this photo)
360HDDVD 009.jpg (16476 bytes) The best advice is to grip it and rip it.  Don't fool around here, you got to grab it and pull pretty hard.  We tried easing off the first one not knowing what would happen or if this was even the right place to start opening it, easing it resulted in a broken clip.  All the ones after the first came off much easier with a good firm pull.
360HDDVD 011.jpg (18645 bytes) Now with the faceplate out of the way three screws are visible.  Remove these with a Torx 9 driver.
360HDDVD 018.jpg (17616 bytes) With the screws removed the top will slide toward the spot where the faceplate was.  Once it is over a  half inch or so it lifts off.
360HDDVD 021.jpg (30358 bytes) With the lid off the drive is revealed
360HDDVD 023.jpg (20731 bytes) Next remove the eject switch that is behind the front eject button.  The circuit board has a hole in it that fits over a plastic peg.  Once lifted it comes out.
360HDDVD 024.jpg (22092 bytes) At the other end of the eject PCB and wire we find a little white connector attached at the back of the drive.  You will need to squeeze in on the little clippie thing to release the cable and remove it.  If you don't release the cable just pulling on it will pull the wires right out of the connector so be careful.
360HDDVD 029.jpg (24474 bytes) Now its time to open the drive tray.  We will be using the old paperclip emergency eject trick.  Straighten out a paperclip and find the hole circled in this photo.
360HDDVD 030.jpg (24835 bytes) Stick the end of the paperclip in the hole a couple times and the tray will come out.
360HDDVD 031.jpg (26049 bytes) Now flip the HD DVD over and look at the clips that hold the chrome bezel in place.  The bezel needs to be gently pushed forward and then down to be released.
360HDDVD 032.jpg (56563 bytes) The bezel is now off.
360HDDVD 033.jpg (17461 bytes) Remove the tin cover at the rear of the DVD.
360HDDVD 034.jpg (31311 bytes) Three screws hold the dark gray plastic side in place
360HDDVD 035.jpg (36450 bytes) Time to release the HD DVD drive itself, the four screws are circled in this photo.
360HDDVD 037.jpg (26171 bytes) Notice the cables at the rear of the DVD.
360HDDVD 038.jpg (27817 bytes) Disconnect the cables.
360HDDVD 039.jpg (26441 bytes) The drive lifts right out.
360HDDVD 041.jpg (27540 bytes) Now just the bottom lid, sides and rear circuit board remain.
360HDDVD 043.jpg (22467 bytes) The side just lifts right out since we removed its screws 6 steps ago.
360HDDVD 044.jpg (29776 bytes) To remove the circuit board at the rear of the chassis we need to take out three more screws circled in green.
360HDDVD 045.jpg (22295 bytes) The bottom is now free!
360HDDVD 046.jpg (36178 bytes) With everything disassembled only the two fan screws hold the circuit board and fan to the rear dark gray piece.  Remove those and your done!

 A couple of interesting notes.  As we disassembled the drive we note that it was designed to fit right into a 360 console.  It has the same dimensions other than missing the 4 little legs but otherwise the drive size and shape is identical. 

360 HD DVD Drive Standard 360 DVD Drive

Another unusual piece to note is the board affixed to the rear of the drive.  This is an adapter to make the drive work with a USB connection.  It also supplies power to the drive and the eject button connects through this device.

 HDDVD 032.jpg (67229 bytes)

HDDVD 033.jpg (40613 bytes)

With the board removed we note that there are no standard connections... Is it SATA or standard IDE or has the decision been outsourced to the little daughterboard pictured above?

HDDVD 026.jpg (21345 bytes)

As we remove the lid we see something interesting the laser is at an angle rather than parallel with the drive tray.  Is this an engineering solution to making a standard drives laser assembly fit within the tighter confines of a 360 drive footprint or will we see all HD DVD drives with this different arrangement of parts? 



- Rhino


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